Thursday, 18 May 2017

Doctor Who 2017

When Matt Smith left the series, as his version of Doctor Who regenerated into Peter Capaldi's darker character, I was ecstatic. I had long wanted a return to the Hartnell era, not because I disliked the Eccleston, Tennant, Smith, the modern Doctor Who trio, as I loved their whacky, one hundred miles per hour Doctor's, I simply wanted to see where a slightly more adult vision would take us. I think it worked well. I think Peter Capaldi has done, still doing in fact, an excellent job. That said, the show has definitely lost its family entertainment feel. I confess I miss that aspect as much as I have loved Capaldi's take.Things may be about to change.

Last Saturday, May 13th, Squid and I watched the show. It was very good. However, it was aimed at an adult audience rather than a family. The basis of the story was capitalism. How, if uncontrolled, it runs riot over people's lives. Rather than us running the machine, the machine runs us. In short, it becomes, much like it is now, a form of slavery. In this case, in the Doctor's reality, a space station is being overtaken by what appears to be zombies. It soon turns out that these walking dead are not the horrors we first think they are but the suits that hold their lifeless bodies. You see when oxygen starts to run out, the only way to replenish it is by purchasing it from the corporation. This story was a clever way to illustrate how our lives are now led, or should I say driven. As good as the show was, with the Doctor, after a selfless act of heroism left blind, was not the stuff for children.

We all know Peter Capaldi is about to leave. This means it will shortly be time for a regeneration. Scriptwriter Steven Moffatt accidentally let slip who the next Doctor will be. The clue is in the above image.

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Cara H said...

I'm honestly very behind on the Peter Capaldi chapters of the series. I'd started to catch up with them while I was working home care, but the patient I was working with has now been in the hospital for going on a month, and I've been, sadly, forced to find work in a facility again.

Russell Duffy said...

I guess you guys don't get BBC Iplayer. If you did you could watch them.

Master Bates said...

We get BBC on cable here in the US. They sometimes do Dr. Who marathons late at night. I admit I am not up on the "new" series. I think the last Doctor I saw was Paul McCann (think I have the name right.) Eight, was he?
That is something to catch up on. Should be fun!

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