Saturday, 25 March 2017

At the Movies 5 - Me and Squid -"Beauty and the Beast"

Quite why Squidy calls me Father Jenkins I have yet to fully fathom. That she does is both a joy and a mystery. It also causes one or two odd looks from passers by. For instance,  when we are shopping in Waterstone's or HMV, she calls out to me, 'Father Jenkins, look at this!' a half dozen heads or so all turn in my direction expecting to see, or so I suspect, the local priest standing frozen to the spot, either that or some upper-class person dressed in tweeds. What they see is me,  a peasant of the first water unfit for papal duties and as unlikely a candidate for upper anything let alone class.

As long as Squid gets to eat regularly, this includes lunch, tea and a little smackeral of something - Nandos is a favourite haunt - she is as happy as a pig in poo. Today supplied all of that, well, not so much they day as me, but also a visit to the cinema to see "Beauty and the Beast."

It has to be said that this has long been a favourite Disney film of mine and at least two of my children. We used to drag a large duvet down the stairs to our living room, pull on some P.J's, grab a bucket full of sweets along with a generous supply of Coca-Cola, wrap our collective selves up in aforementioned duvet and slip the cassette, (this was back in the 90's so long before DVD's) and watch whatever Disney movie we had recently purchased. We also did it with the 'Harry Potter' franchise and 'Pirates of the Carribean.'  Wonderful memories.

So, our approach to this latest Disney offering was one of reserved welcome. Would Disney had tried to re-invent their previous production of would they, much as they did with 'The Jungle Book,' stick largely to the original's format. Much to our joy the 2017 interpretation steadfastly remains true to the 1991 version.

Squid seems to think some of the songs are new but I thought they all were the same including the delightful title track. Okay, there is no Anglea Lansbury but hey, Emma Thompson does an incredible job as Mrs Potts with her colourful cockneyesque accent.

Seeing Emma Watson, now an attractive woman was surprise enough, bearing in mind the last film I saw her in was the final 'Harry Potter.'  Here we have a woman rather than a girl and one who has a voice. This girl can sing!

The film is a faithful recreation of a classic animation. There is probably too much CGI in modern films but here the craft comes into its own. The songs sound as good now as they did then. The unchanged story has lost none of its magic. Luke Evans portrayal of Gaston keeps the unwholesome, if amusing at times, vanity, nay the sheer unadulterated self-love of the man, bubbling away with comic tension.

it was and still is a musical of the highest order. It really is hard to find any fault with it.

Yeah, me and Squid loved it. Squid gives it five stars.
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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Cara H said...

I like Emma Thompson. I believe she also played Nanny McPhee, who is a wonderful character.
I've heard a lot of good things about this movie. I'm glad you and Squid had a good time.

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