Saturday, 18 February 2017

"Umbrella Weather" by Led Bib

Tight as the knot of Cordium yet loose as the knicker elastic of Nell Gwynn,; a  bit Zapperish in its delivery but fresh enough to be different. Frenetic at times, full on fast and furious whilst retaining a melodic emphasis. Cyclonic, devilish, a whirlwind of Jazz notes blown at a frenzied pace. It is music to make punk look positively calm by comparison. This is "Umbrella Weather" by Led Bib.

Who are Led Bib you may well ask?

Apart from having a slightly retro feel with their collective appellation, a nod to the past perhaps in terms of approach, they are nothing at all like the famed Rock legends.  Led Bib are a jazz combo. I like that word, combo, it has a distinctly fifties flavour which is possibly misleading as Led Bib are very much of the now.  They are contemporaries of Polar Bear. Another highly rated, creative group who surf across various musical genres their art to pursue.

Led Bid are a five piece group consisting of Mark Holub, Liran Donin, Toby McLaren, Pete Grogan and Chris Williams. The following image is from the groups Facebook page. Its a bit fuzzy unlike their music which is sharp as the proverbial knife.

This is also from their Facebook page and is less fuzzy...

Image may contain: 5 people, people standing and stripes

In reality Led Bib, like the aforementioned Polar Bear, defy neat categorization. They appeal to a cross-section of tastes even having folk aficionados buying their stuff. It isn't surprising really for the sounds they make, they speed at which they make them, the riffs they choose to frame them all make for a diverse and complex mix.  

Yes, its jazz but it also rocks. And if it is jazz then it is a powerful, potent brew. Pick up your umbrella and try some Led Bib. It really is worth a listen. 
 Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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