Sunday, 22 January 2017

Theresa May - Just another mutant version of a Conservative

The effortless way in which some politicians muddy the waters, muddle the facts or, in simple plain English, tell lies, is remarkable. Take Theresa May for example. Do I think she is a liar? Of course not. I wouldn't be so rude. 


Recently, well today as a matter of fact, whilst on BBC TV, our, that is the British, Prime Minister, boldly stated that she, rather than Jeremy Corbyn, would maintain Trident. She said only she and not the Labour leader would retain Britain's defences. Really? Isn't having a fully functioning police force a vital part of our self-defense? I mean, where I live, and my county isn't alone in this, is 400 officers short. The knock on effect of Tory austerity cuts is we in the UK lack police officers. 

And those floods that beleaguer our nation virtually every other year, where is the funding for that? Not the after the event funding but the up-front, taking care of people's homes, self-defence funding made proactively not reactively? Why it's all a matter of money isn't it? 

We can afford to build more missiles, house more Trident but we cannot ensure the upkeep of the NHS, our police force or even our flood defence. We can proudly claim to have a deterrent that keeps China, Russia, Iraq and possibly Korea from invading us but we cannot safeguard our nation from terrorist attack.

I really thought Theresa May would take the Conservative party back to its Disraeli roots, to the days of Harold MacMillan but no, another female PM has cast a shadow so long it still darkens the common sense of Tories unable to break away from the Neoconservative monster as created by Mrs T. Unable to shed its neoliberal policies in favour of its time -honoured 'one nation Toryism.' 

Same old bath water, different baby.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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