Saturday, 8 October 2016

Progressive Democrats 10

Mhairi Black is a Scottish MP representing the Scottish National Party and is the youngest member of parliament since James Dickson in 1880. She is feisty, intelligent, outspoken and passionate about politics. Unlike so many other politicians  Mhairi's principles are not found in the musty corners of  her purse. She speaks as her principles guide her.

On maintaining Trident and Nuclear War

"To be frank, that would mean that we were all dead anyway. If I am dying, I do not care if we send a weapon back; I am more worried about the one that is coming towards me. That we cannot afford to look after the disabled, we cannot afford to look after our unemployed and we cannot afford to pay pensions on time. And yet, they are happy to write a blank cheque for "useless weapons". And for what? To preserve Westminster’s self-indulgent image of importance. This is all part of the Government’s long-term economic sham."
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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