Monday, 31 October 2016

American Politics. Hilary Clinton, Obama and Trump

Like a poisoned pantomime pony painted, preened and presented in violent vaudevillian garb, American politics has hit an all-time low. Quite why FBI Director, James Comey waited until this time to re-open the case of Hillary's E-mails is hard to fathom. Hard to fathom if you measure depth in fathoms but not so hard to fathom if you measure politics in the depths of depravity it can sink to. James Comey seems almost to be playing for the reds. 

As I have often said, I distrust Hillary Clinton but dislike Donald Trump more. Of the two it's a no brainer who I'd rather see as President. Yet still, the way in which American politics is played, as though it were part circus, part combatitive spectator sport with spears and sneers, spearmint bubble gum and sly digs thrown in, reduces the whole process to playtime in Junior High. This has been made all the worse by the fact Barak Obama made his derogatory comments about Hillary only to say the reverse months later. Ironically, it would seem that Hillary now needs the support and popularity of Michelle Obama to grease her wheels and with all this nonsense going on she is going to need all the help she can get.

Yes, we know Ms Clinton is not the epitome of discretion; that she is less than diligent to whom she shares confidential information; that she savours making a buck as much as she  favours the underprivileged but then again, what can you expect of a born again neoliberal?Yet still she is the better candidate for Lord alone knows what Trump would do had he the power. Now it looks like they are neck and neck. How the Democrats, when not cursing the freedom of the press, the first amendment, Julian Assange and Wikileaks, must be wishing they had backed Bernie Sanders.
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Cara H said...

I'll be glad when this contentious mess is over with. I already cast my vote, and I'm not ashamed to say it was for Ms. Clinton. She isn't perfect, but she's a damn sight better than that other mess that we could end up saddled with.
One might say "impossible--who would vote for the orange buffoon?"
Well, who would have thought that he would be an actual candidate? I was gobsmacked.
One woman I know, who I haven't unfriended on Facebook but I hide most of her posts, says that she can forgive The Rump for privately (but caught on tape) saying he would grab women "by the pussy". She will forgive him because he apologized. As if anything that comes out of his mealy mouth can be taken at face value! Apparently she can also forgive him mocking a disabled man because he said he didn't do it, even though it was caught on video. She can also forgive all of his other horrific actions.
She cannot forgive Hillary Clinton's "sneakiness," however.
This is a direct quote.
Other than her indoctrination into Trump worship, she actually seems a reasonably intelligent person.
I am sure there were otherwise intelligent people who believed that supporting Adolf Hitler was the right thing as well.

Russell Duffy said...

There can be no justification EVER in supporting Trump over Clinton. He is what he is. Sexist is just one of his crimes. But then again you have the 'Trumpets,' a gang of WOMEN who are doing all they can to get him elected. When interviewed, one denied Trump's sexism saying he was just a man and that all men like pussy. Well, no, not all men do and even heterosexuals like me who do have a brain and morals. The guy is an ugly stain on American politics.

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