Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Trump, Clinton, Assange

Transparency is a modern buzz word. I dislike modern buzzwords. Too often they smack of a cordite sound-bite meant to impress those easily impressed. However, with regard to those we the people elect for duty that word loses its vestige of buzz and becomes a thing vital to democracy.

The trouble with Trump is that digging out the truth from the muck he has made, revealing the man to be fatally flawed, is not so easy when the man himself supplies us with sufficient muck guaranteed to disgust most people but which also has the secondary, unexpected it has to be said, ability to disguise the truth in its sheer, blatant nastiness.  We do know he is not as rich as he claims but as of yet have not exposed those tax returns he is at pains to hide from us? People who have things to hide cannot be trusted. Speaking of which...

My views on Hilary Clinton or rather her policies should not present me as being someone who agrees with those trumpeting her possible (it is yet unproven therefore of no interest) ill health. No matter how vehemently I might disagree with her policies I categorically wish her only good, not ill health. To present her as some lunatic barely able to function, especially if she is unwell, is a vile thing to do. The only reason ill health could be of importance is if the presidential candidate is physically or mentally unfit for office. Even then sympathy and kindness would be better employed than ridicule.

Often when seeking the truth the truth seekers, more like the watchmen, fall foul of the thing they seek to expose. After all, who watches the watchmen? Julian Assange should be praised for his and Wikileaks efforts at protecting the first amendment - freedom of speech is another thing vital to democracy. Should the court case surrounding Assange (he stands accused of rape) be proven true then he too should feel the full force of the law and pay the price accordingly. 

That being the case then so should Hilary Clinton. At this moment there is strong evidence to suggest she is unfit for the role she is campaigning to win. Not because the left or the right seek her demise; not because there are those eager to show her as mentally unstable; not because I,or anyone neither right nor left mistrust her, abhor her role in bringing about regime change to a nation who democratically elected their government but because the overwhelming evidence reveals her less than capable to be President..

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