Thursday, 2 June 2016

UKIP? Libertarian? Don't make me laugh

  • UKIP seeks to remove the political elite. Something I welcome.
  •  UKIP seeks to remove the political elite then replace them with a new political elite -          Themselves.
  •  UKIP is financed by private funding. How is this different? It is wholly undemocratic. 
  • UKIP fails to recognise the single, greatest danger to humankind - the environment.

  • UKIP's 2015 manifesto contained this...
   Scrap the 2008 Climate Change Act and the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive
  Support ‘fracking’ for shale gas 
  End subsidies for wind turbines and solar photovoltaic arrays 
  Support renewable energy where it can deliver electricity at competitive prices 

    Seek to rejuvenate the coal industry 
  Abolish ‘green levies’ to cut the cost of fuel bills

As Norman Tebbit, a former member of Margaret Thatcher's cabinet once suggested -  "Get on your bike." 

With the greatest threat mankind has ever faced looming over planet earth's populace what are the United Kingdom Independent Party (not so independent nor democratic as they are funded by big business) suggesting we do about environmental issues? Why they, just like Syd James, Kenneth Williams, and Barbara Windsor, intend to 'Carry on Regardless.'

Obviously, such matters fade to insignificance in light of mass migration. After all, in the face of world domination by corporate globalisation; in view of wars being waged by imperial forces that destabilise an already fragile global economy; with a million fellow human beings fleeing their homes in fear of their's and their families lives, with poverty spreading its insidious web, far better to ignore the overwhelming facts. Actually, far better to muddy the waters with wholesale xenophobia mixed with covert cowardice, a cowardice that favours running from the war to spread democracy preferring the option of proliferating prejudice. It is this lazy politicking, this pointing of the finger in one single direction, as though one problem is the only problem, that I dislike. 

Sovereignty? National sovereignty? Personally, I'd prefer individual sovereignty, direct democracy not representative. Will UKIP be the force to change this outmoded system? Patently not as they'd sooner trundle down the same pre-laid tracks. Ironically, I would, if we are to remain as a representative democracy, favour the Danish model which would mean seeing UKIP, along with all the major parties, form a government. With four million people voting for UKIP it only seems fair for their voices to be heard. I seriously doubt UKIP would offer me similar or allow  my Libertarian politics anywhere near Parliament.

Oddly perhaps, I don't think UKIP racist. Their views are not focused on the race issue but are a confusion of what ails the UK. What they are is myopic. What ails UKIP is a limited vision focused on migration and laissez-faire economics based on Hayek's concepts. UKIP are unique in that, unlike The British National Party or Britain First, they are a  two not a one trick right-wing pony. 

Seeing the effect whilst wilfully ignoring the cause is sublime ignorance. Retreating behind our borders then raising the drawbridge does nothing but relieve the phobia without dealing with the real issue. Regressive politics can only ever react to the problems we face retrospectively, they can never be proactive. It takes brave hearts with progressive solutions to solve the matters at hand. 

Of course, UKIP, who have wrongly assumed the mantle of libertarianism, are anything but. They are indeed Neocon's. Their mentor being dear old Maggie who herself confessed to being a classic Liberal, their major donor being Paul Sykes, himself a former supporter of the Conservative Party - a man who has donated in excess of £4 million pounds to UKIP. The word libertarian was purposely created for a certain political viewpoint. Its origins were for those who held firm to a far left, beyond Marxist, stance. The following is from Wikipedia although one could also read Noam Chomsky for a definitive explanation.

"Although the word libertarian continues to be widely used to refer to socialists internationally, its meaning in the United States has deviated from its political origins. Libertarianism in the USA has been described as conservative on economic issues and liberal on personal freedom  (for common meanings of conservative and liberal in the United States); Since the resurgence of neoliberalism in the 1970s, free-market capitalist libertarianism has spread beyond North America via think tanks and political parties."

Anyway, all this is beside the point. UKIP are not supporters of environmental issues even though there is overwhelming data that shows climate change is now the major threat we face. But even if the evidence of climate change is wrong the benefits of adopting green policies are right. The green industry would provide greater employment and help ordinary people make savings on their bills. Solar panels fitted to new and old builds cuts costs, they effectively hand control of outlay and profit back in the hands of the homeowner. The only companies that would suffer are those currently ripping the arse out of the public. Unless you have an invested interest in private enterprise, the same enterprise helping the rich get richer, then why would you not support green industry? Besides, when faced with Nigel Farage's opinions over the facts given by Sir David Attenborough I think it unsurprising who'd get my vote.

"Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner. Effects that scientists had predicted in the past would result from global climate change are now occurring: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer; more intense heat waves." - NASA Global Climate Change
One in six species is in danger of extinction due to climate change but not to worry, UKIP will save the day by halting the migration of the human race to these green and pleasant lands thereby preventing the escape of methane from hundreds of thousands of immigrants bottoms.

All is not lost for the UKIPers. Once Nigel Farage remembers he resigned at the last UK general election there is a man waiting in the wings to guide, after Scottish, Welsh and Irish devolution, the English Independent Party. Nationalism, don't you just love it? 

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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