Friday, 24 June 2016

Making Plans for Nigel Farage

Poor old Nigel Farage, King for a day, his senses working overtime trying to achieve his English settlement whilst skylarking about with the electorate as his mind goes into meltdown. The grand deceiver, the multi-millionaire swigging his pints of ale, smoking his fags, giggling and gunrning like a clown at a village fete, acting oh so working class but in reality rather well off.

The problem Nigel had was himself. Not that I think him racist but the manner in which he spoke of immigrants, the posters he had designed acted like a magnet attracting the far right into his unimaginative orbit. From the BNP, National Action, Britannica Party, British Democratic Party and, of course, Britain First, all had members who liked the cut of Farage's cloth. They flew around UKIP like flies around a turd.

Nigel, you are redundant but don't worry we are, after all, already making plans for you...

“I think this referendum is something that could realign politics. Think back to 1975. That personal bitterness that came out between [Roy] Jenkins and [Tony] Benn never went away. It led to the SDP. I think there is a chance that this referendum could change British politics fundamentally.”

Douglas Carswell as party leader?

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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