Friday, 10 June 2016

Douglas Carswell - The Thinking Man's UKIPer

"On the subject of immigration, let me make it absolutely clear: I'm not against immigration. The one thing more ugly than nativism is angry nativism."

From being a member of the Conservative Party, Douglas Carswell didn't so much "cross the floor" as he did leave a troubled ship. In August 2014 he swapped his blue tie for that of the yellow and purple of UKIP. He changed his political allegiance allying himself with the extreme right. When asked why he'd left one neoconservative party only to join another he answered by saying he wanted to see "fundamental change in British politics as many of those at the top of the Conservative Party are simply not on our side. They aren't serious about the change that Britain so desperately needs."

His radicalism has been recognised and been mentioned favourably by many including the right-of-centre, economic liberalism focused magazine The Economist who wrote favourably about him. He favours a 'health policy account' whereby individuals have personal health accounts and use these to purchase treatment from public or private sources. He disbelieves the overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is due to mankind suggesting that environmental changes are down to nature. Neither of which I subscribe to but it is his opinions on immigration that is slightly different to the party he represents. He is for medium, or controlled immigration not preventing it altogether.

Doulas Carswell's measured approach is more moderate than that of his leader, Nigel Farage. Rather than stir up the impotent fear of irrational bias he prefers to advocate his views on separation from the EU without resorting to such a simplistic political pantomime.

His dislike of the UKIP party leader is not a secret. He has been saying since joining the party that Nigel Farage should resign his position as leader. Nigel Farage responded by calling Carswell "irrelevant." Nigel Farage has unsuccessfully tried seven times to become a Member of Parliament and has failed seven times. Douglas Carswell has stood for parliament five times winning four.

In response to Mister Farage's comment Carswell said - 

"There’s no point in hiding it, there are differences of opinion. He is in favour of signing up to ‘GO’, I’m in favour of Vote Leave and there’s a strategic difference as well. I think we need to win this referendum with an unrelentingly upbeat optimistic, positive campaign. I’m primarily interested in winning the referendum, not in mobilising the base.”
At the suggestion, he should resign the UKIP whip by going independent, Mister Carswell responded “No. As I said. I’ve stood for parliament five times. I’ve won four times and it’s the voters who decide who is and who isn’t relevant.” 

On a more serious note, Douglas Carswell has all the hallmarks of being a great leader of a party four million people voted for. I may dislike UKIP's policies but find the patently obvious talents of Mister Carswell unquestionable. Whereas Nigel Farage behaves in xenophobic fashion, stirring up irrational fears and using bigotry as his weapon of choice so Douglas Carswell adopts a truly radical approach. As I say, I cannot support his or their policies but his are at least based on a rationale I understand even if I disagree with them.

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