Sunday, 29 May 2016

The ten thousand things and I are of one substance.

The flower is part of the plant which in turn is part of the soil. The Silver Birch in the park, branches randomly formed, stretching to the sky, is as one with me as it is the stream that trickles over stones and silt. All things are interconnected. 

Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus are the building blocks of life. The water that fills the oceans, that runs the stream, that creates the sap in the tree, also courses through me. All things are interconnected.

As the Sun warms the winds that blow against my face so it provides the energy to draw the tree limbs up and out bearing leaf and fruit. So the grass grows having been blessed by rain then tempted by the sun to rise before bending as the wind ruffles its blades. All things are interconnected.

We are as one with the stars and the universe as we are with the trees and the stars. That which some call God is but the unknowable. The only way to understand the eternal is by realising that god, nature, and science, like the universe and our place within it, are one and the same thing. All things are interconnected.

There is no mysticism or magic attached to these facts for that is what they are, facts; empirical facts. No praising of deities before petitioning them in prayer. No miracles. By letting go of the mystical, by rejecting the arcane and embracing the commonplace the individual is free to pursue a life of self-enlightenment. It is only by self-awareness that global changes can be made. By ejecting the ego, by seeing beyond oneself, seeing beyond the life we are made to lead, can we lead a moral and rewarding life.

Does this all sound a bit pious? Maybe a little bit supercilious or even superior? Well, trust me it isn't meant to be. I am the same working class lad, the same old peasant I have always been. You won't catch me preaching MY way to anyone. I am filled with the same desire of self-discovery that I have had from the day I started blogging. In fact, that was the whole point in my blogging, to discover who I am as much as what I am and from that point changing the way I have been. I am no way done yet but I'm getting there.

Just like the sand that is sucked and swirled by the comings and goings of the tide. Just as that tide is subject to the pull of the moon. Just as the Moon slips further away from the Earth. Just as the day forever chases night. All things are interconnected. 

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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