Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Clinton or Trump? C'mon, Get Serious

Never before have I followed another nation's election so avidly yet events in The United States, with Donald Trump running against Hilary Clinton running against Bernie Sanders, have captured my attention as the eventual outcome could impact upon us all.

I am, as an outsider looking in, largely through the lenses of ‘The Young Turks,’ along with ‘Democracy Now,’ both fascinated but perplexed by why American Democrats hold Hilary Clinton in such high esteem.

Having had their first Black President, The United States, or at least the Democrats, now seek to have their first female President. Seeking gender and racial equality is an admirable thing. I welcome it. However, let’s not deceive ourselves into believing that by being born black or being born female somehow gifts you with stronger principles or higher morals. It doesn’t. Equality is a thing we seek but it should be remembered being equal means we are equally able to commit evil acts.

Having a female leader is not new to us Brit’s. We have had a wealth of them. From Boudicca, she of the Iceni, Elizabeth I through to Margret Thatcher. All of whom were every bit as powerful and as strong as their male counterparts, all of whom more than capable of appalling acts.

Take Boudicca for example; after her husband Prasutagus died, the occupying Roman forces decided to take the property of the Iceni and rule over them. This didn’t, as one suspects it wouldn’t bode well for those nasty Roman’s. Legend has it that Boudicca and her daughters were raped which certainly wouldn’t have helped matters much. Boudicca took her tribe and formed an army with which she marched on the Roman capital of Britain, Camulodunum now Colchester. She razed the capital then attacked Verulamium (St. Albans) where she slaughtered anyone who got in her way including women whose breasts she had sliced off and then stitched back onto their mouths.

You might empathise a little with Boudicca. She was, after all, raped. Nonetheless, she was not the sort of lady you would want to cross. Hilary Clinton is nothing like Boudicca. I still wouldn’t trust her if I were American.

Margaret Thatcher was known in her lifetime as ‘The Iron Lady.’ Much of what she did was at best suspect. Yes, half of Britain loved her but the other half loathed her. The sinking of the Belgrano during the Falklands Conflict was a war crime. The ship was in retreat when the torpedo struck having been fired on her command. During the miners’ strike of the mid-eighties, Thatcher misused the police force having them act as a para-military outfit to battle, beat and brutalise legitimate protestors. Hilary Clinton is not a little like Thatcher she is a whole lot worse.

I don’t subscribe to the notion of there being no smoke without fire but Clinton, like her husband, isn’t emitting smoke, she is burning like a forest blaze. With the FBI investigations nearing conclusion, and the likelihood of Hilary Clinton being indicted, her standing as a viable opponent to Donald Trump is a no-brainer. Trump is ahead. He is winning. There is only one person who can beat that man and it is Bernie Sanders. Why would anyone, even at the sake of losing the potential of having the first female President, vote for someone so damaged?

Surely it is better to have a trustworthy President rather than vote for someone corrupt just for the sake of having a female in office?

If the Democratic establishment maintain its support of Hilary Clinton then Donald Trump, already ahead in the polls, will win. I cannot conceive of having a nation who’s liberal attitudes so influenced my generation and millions around the world like me, electing a man such as Donald Trump to office lest it be the janitors.
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