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A World in Danger

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There are two, maybe three, priorities the world is currently faced with. Sea levels are rising higher than they have been for thousands of years. This is not subject to debate but a matter of fact. Whether humankind is responsible for climate change is immaterial. Climate conditions are changing and we are most certainly not helping matters. But we could if we really wanted to. The other is the alarming descent into more nations arming themselves with nuclear weapons. When it comes to intelligence Frank Zappa was right, hydrogen is not the most plentiful substance in the world, stupidity is.

Former Nasa scientist, James Hansen stated at the 2015 Cop21 conference that not enough is being done. Our politicians and their respective parties are paying little more than lip-service to the problems humanity faces. The rhetoric always kowtows to corporate concerns for making a profit rather than address the common sense approach as advocated by environmentalists. Hansen said that what the UN was advocating was fraudulent. That by suggesting reducing global warming by two degrees was entirely missing the point. That whilst we still use fossil fuels emissions will not be reduced.  

Fossil fuels may appear to be the cheaper alternative but in reality, the cost to human society outweighs those fiscal concerns by miles. The cost to the public doesn't include a cost that reflects the damage or danger. Patently, corporates care little about human society as long as their margins remain profitable. Hansen said although President Obama means well he either lacks understanding of the problem or has been ill-advised by stupid people. 

David Cameron does what David Cameron does best - very little for as much as possible. But he does sound (and look) good whilst saying it. His government has slashed funding to offshore wind turbines. His government has made it virtually impossible to build onshore wind turbines. Recently, an Eon plant near me was razed to the ground then replaced with a hundred new builds, four to five bedrooms houses. Not one has solar powered energy. Why? Mister Cameron's government have slashed funding.

The climate is most certainly changing but even if it weren't what is the problem with ensuring we live in harmony with the world? Is this not common sense? Not if you are a self-centered individual who cares only for having fuel to drive his car. Alex Jones amazing rant to one side (I think he should be renamed as Buster Bloodvessel) no one seems to challenge the larger corporations dictates. It is almost as if our leaders are but puppets. 

Quite how we haven't annihilated ourselves in some nuclear 'shoot out' strikes me as remarkable. We have been on the brink for so long yet still we build the damn things. What must those aliens in those unfortunately designed fifties UFO's think? Our prospects of survival must be limited.

Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama have all violated the agreement made between the USA and Russia when Russia was the USSR. Gorbachev agreed with Bush 1 that a unified Germany could have military power but that the West would not transgress, to within one inch, of the Russian border. The fact this agreement has been broken only adds to the tension.

There are now nine nations who have nuclear weapons. The posses 16,300 nuclear weapons in total. Sufficient to destroy all life on this, our world. They are the USA, Russia, the UK, France, China, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. It really is a case of the inmates running the asylum.

The world is on the brink. It has been for my lifetime. That old Barry McGuire song remains as relevant today as it did fifty-one years ago.

"And you tell me
Over and over and over again my friend
Ah, you don't believe
We're on the eve of destruction"

Faced with these truths, faced with the possibility of democracy, I have to concede to Plato that Socrates overlooked the point that without equity, both in wealth but certainly education, the electorate are ill-informed. Unable to make the obvious choice through lack of understanding they are not ready for democracy. What a horrid thought.

The UK has just had local elections. In Scotland, the Labour Party did appallingly with the SNP winning a third, overwhelming, term. Sadly, the so-called Conservative Party came second. Overall, progressive politics stumbled.  Britain needs  change. It is stagnating. Like a child who can tie its own shoelaces but seeks help from someone, anyone, to help. It expects to find some leader, as if by magic, who will lead the nation out of the slump. It is time that the electorate stood up to the plate and took responsibility when they cast their votes.  You don't need strong leadership. You need only to be strong within yourself.

"Someone to lead us, someone, to follow
Someone to fool us, some brave Apollo

Someone to save us, someone like you

We want you, Big Brother

Big Brother!"

I understand perfectly how disgruntled people feel with politicians. They have hardly endeared themselves to the public. Yet there remain alternatives. You do not have to follow the tram lines of convention. It doesn't always have to be a matter of two of three choices. Nor is it a matter of hoping that a hero, Nigel Farge springs to mind, will deliver you to a new Albion. UKIP is nothing but a new elite elbowing aside the old. The other option is an alliance. Seeing Labour's poor performance, yet good enough to keep them afloat, it makes perfect sense that those of the left form a progressive alliance. Labour did far better than at the 2015 election but still not good enough to make a difference.

The upside has been that all those disparaging Jeremy Corbyn as next to useless have been proven wrong. Those centrist's of the party who claimed Corbyn would be a disaster have been proven wrong. The Labour party has managed, under Corbyn's leadership to maintain its position. Not the road to power perhaps but good enough for someone only elected as leader nine months ago.

Looking at the mayoral election for London was, from my perspective, disappointing. I would have welcomed Sian Berry and the Green's to have taken office. Now that would have been truly radical. Being radical though is not how my fellow countrymen approach things.

Here we have people disenfranchised with modern politics. Disgusted by the levels of spin used to manipulate them, afraid of the control exerted by big business on them  yet unable to seek viable solutions. You would have thought, after a century of being led by the nose, they would finally arrive at the conclusion that not only is there something wrong with the system but that they were willing to change it.

I said at the beginning that there were perhaps three priorities. Two I have mentioned, and let's face it I am not the first by a long chalk, but the third is population. I have written of this before but it is worth repeating. Seven billion people are more than enough for the world to cope with. One billion would be ideal. By the middle of this century, the world population will be closer to ten billion. If we don't end up nuking ourselves or drowning in rising oceans then we could possibly face starvation.

The future we face is bleak. 
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