Monday, 28 March 2016


I now have the rare privilege of writing on three separate sites. Here on my own where I choose just what the hell appeals to me. Also, New London Writers, as well as Global Love Think Tank.

The object of this blog, 'The Wayward Ways of Russell CJ Duffy,' has long been to demonstrate how someone with poor education, upon hitting fifty, started to learn, started to become the man he always was. Much of what I write about is new to me, a recent discovery. This, I think adds an interesting perspective.

The problem I have, and entirely my fault, New London Writers, a literary site, carries articles and posts Many of them are reviews. I made a firm promise not to post on New London Writers that which I had previously posted on my own site. It was a sincere pledge one which I find I have inadvertently broken.

The recent post found on New London Writers, 'The Jesus Dynasty,' was originally posted some two years ago on The Wayward ways of Russell CJ Duffy. This was not a deliberate act. No mean intent was meant. I am more than capable of creating new reviews as and when and in fact have. I simply forgot. Sorry.

Any of my readers who have spotted this error please rest assured that this will not happen again. That all posts on New London Writers from now on will be original and not re-posts. 

I apologise. 
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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