Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Manifesto 2 - Notes made on a drab day (with many thanks to the UK Green party)

We require a Europe of cooperation and diversity where regions are sustainable and self-reliant. Power would rest with local communities and regions, rather than the reality of "subsidiarity" in the European Union at present, a top-down distribution of a fraction of the power accumulated at the centre. In any structure adopted for the European Union, there should be a greater role for the regions and small nations. As a short-term measure, we wish to strengthen the Committee of the Regions.

Localised grass roots democracy.

Here and elsewhere in these policies are a number of measures which would give roles and competencies currently exercised at European or national level to regions. The UK Government should promote comprehensive regional policies with the EU. Regions should also have the right to define themselves, where appropriate across current national frontiers. There should be regular opportunities to revise boundaries through referenda to allow for population movement and changed preferences.

Single Market

The idea of a single market is to create a strong internal economy that could compete with other major economic powers. It is intended to remove barriers to internal trade between EU MS states by harmonising some measures such as technical standards, transport standards in relation to cross-border  activities, consumer rights and allowing access to certain goods and services. The single market may be summarised as a massive restructuring of capital around a small number of large corporations and financial institutions, subject to EU competition rules. It is not primarily concerned with environmental questions, or social issues.

Currently, we suffer not from Capitalism but from State Capitalism. This in its very structure means public money funds private enterprise. We have witnessed this when governments invested public money into failing banks then sold them off cheaply at a cost to the public. Big Governments supporting Big business. This is undemocratic. It is sanguine authoritarianism. We should seek to abolish this outdated method where the few get richer on the backs of the poor who getter poorer.
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