Monday, 29 February 2016

Heaven, Hell, Reality and the Immateria

I have spoken before of how I perceive the Immateria. This is the plane on which dream, nightmare and our imaginations run free. It exists as we do even though it may fade from us when we die. It shares concepts, images and narratives common to all no matter where in the globe they live. Not all the same obviously as conditioning of memory has a cause and effect of unconscious thought as does shared community living. Nonetheless, there are commonalities. Some of these are shaped by fear. One that defines several coexistences distilled. To suggest the immateria doesn't exist must mean we do not exist. To suggest it doesn't exist infers reality is an illusion. And as Lord Buddha said reality is very persistent. So too is the Immateria.

There is no proof heaven exists. Similarly, no proof there is a hell. As with many things Monotheist, there is no proof either way of their existence nor their non-existence. It is a conundrum. Those that believe in heaven are, in my view, delusional. The existence of a place that receives the dead in spirit form after their mortal demise provides comfort for those in need of such things. Quite why death scares so many is a puzzle. It is loss that I fear not death. All that lives is born to die.

Hell appears to be nothing but a human invention. One meant to frighten the uneducated, to manipulate the ignorant into a state of fear, a fear used as by means of control. It suits organised religion into bullying their followers into submission. No one wants to go to hell let alone purgatory. Best be good so as to avoid the infinite drop.


There can be no denial the immatteria exists. We exist. We dream therefore our dreams exist. This is indisputable. That being so then both Heaven and Hell exist but only in the immateria.

It is when the immatteria bleeds into reality, even if reality is merely Maya, that damage is done. The two might co-habit the same being, occupy the same mind; but when the one slips into the other so that both exist simultaneously, that mind becomes confused by two co-opposite realities. The minds ability to reason fractures as one merges with the other leaving the individual seemingly deranged.

Freud posited that consciousness lies on the surface while having below it two other layers
The consciousness consists of thoughts that are at the forefront of our attention. They are those upon which we are focused. Below this is the preconscious memory which is rather like a cupboard or attic where memory is kept. Finally, we have the unconscious. The area where most behaviours are processed. It is here where the mind governs behaviour. It is here that psychoanalyst's desire to make the unconscious conscious.

Between the preconscious and the unconscious, or so I think, is an area where creativity rolls into the immatteria. It is our creativity that defines our seeking the spiritual. For what is spirituality? Broadly speaking spirituality is many things to many people. For those of faith, it is connectivity to what they believe to be divine. For me, and others like me, it is the search for truth whilst having a sense of connection to something that is bigger than ourselves. This means a shared human experience.

It is here where I part company with faith for faith springs from the immateria. It slips from the dreamscape into reality confusing one with the other. There is truth in faith, a personal honesty but it is born of our creativity in much the same way as art or music or literature. Its truth confuses external existence with internal. 

Demons, deities, demi-gods all arise from that section of our brain. As yet it is is still unclear where exactly that portion exists although scientists in 2013 believe they know the answer. I think that it is this area, this hauntingly unfamiliar area that harbours the wildest of our thoughts, the sweetest of our dreams. It is here where Yahweh was conceived, Mithras too. It is here where H.P.Lovecraft met Chthulu, where his Promethean mythology was created. It was out of the Immateria that Paul who was Saul defined his view of a personal deity warping Yehoshua Bar-Yosef from radical rabbi into another son of yet another God. In the immatteria ghosts parade, incubi lay upon sleeping females; it is here where the dead speak. It is here where the deceased ascend to heaven.

It will be argued that the immateria is nothing more than our imagination. That we have the ability to control that part of ourselves in the way we do our sexual urges. Yet like our sexuality, be it heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, it is not a matter of control. You cannot control that which is natural and beyond your ability to restrain. The imagination is the immateria yet that does not suggest it is something we are able to dominate. At times it dominates us. We can utilise that irresistible creativity by harnessing it. Yet often we largely forget it. Sometimes for the sake of our sanity. But exist it does. 

Without strict control that which is part of us becomes that which destroys us, ruins our minds, lends fiction to where fact once stood, breaks down the barrier between our creativity and our reality. It is when reality and the immateria bleed into each other that psychosis runs riot.

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