Tuesday, 19 January 2016

She Comes From the Land Down Under (Topographical Tranquility) - Sara Roberts

Luminous colours caught beneath an incandescent sun illustrate a scene that looks vaguely mystical and a million miles away from how we think of landscape art. Australian artist Sara Roberts has set about reinventing the long overlooked art form in new and exciting ways. The scintillating way she merges birch trees, as they graze the skyline, with the blistering light that casts the forest rooftop into a bleached horizon so that earth and the stratosphere appear connected, is impressive. 

There at the centre of the picture, the focal point as it were, we find a woman slightly bent over as though she is either hurrying to get somewhere or is observing the path before her feet ensuring she doesn't stumble amid the bracken. As we look at the woman our eyes are drawn to the trees as they march toward some distant place looking for all the world like columns constructed of some brilliantine substance, like a collection of angels guiding the lost to paradise, a judgement of trees more solemn than saints.

Saatchi Art Artist Sara Roberts; Painting, “In Between the Trees” #art

Of course, the light is that of Australia. It is this which gives her work its phosphorescence.  Turner's last words as he lay on his death bed were 'The Sun is God.' No wonder primitive man used to hunt by night. Sara's use of what nature has supplied gives her work its distinctive look. It truly captures the essence of the Antipodean island. This does not present us with something entirely alien, many parts of the world have extreme heat along with a pervasive light that illuminates all it touches whilst giving the additional component when mirrored on water, its reflective appeal. However, it is the manner in which she blends vegetation, sunlight, water with the characteristics of her homeland that captures its unique appearance. 
It isn't just the daylight Sara puts to such stunning use, her nightlight also is equally impressive. Again there are the idiosyncrasies of the Australian tundra captured in perfect detail.
Sara was born in 1982 in Sydney, Australia. She grew up in Mexico, France, Poland and Sweden before returning to the place of her birth. This veritable 'gypsy' childhood has given her a rooted approach to being part of something far bigger than herself; a sense of being a visitor viewing vista's unseen before yet somehow connected.
She is also a dab hand at portraits where yet again that razor light invades every corner and feature the subject in an ethereal glow.

Saatchi Art Artist Sara Roberts; Painting, “Serenity before chaos” #art

From a personal point of view, I find looking at Sara's work an exhilarating experience. In an art world forever seeking the new thereby chasing its tail, the old can be reinvented in such a fashion as to forge the new from out of the past. This is Sara's greatest achievement.
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.


Mike Philbin said...

Lovely stuff.

Cara H said...

Ugh, I'm so jealous! I'm a crappy artist so I screw around in Photoshop, warping and distorting stuff. This lady is the real deal!

Russell Duffy said...

Me too. I thought I could try abstract by my abstract looks like a chart by which to select which paint you want.

Russell Duffy said...

Really is isn't it?

Sarai said...

Thank you Russel for this amazing and very perceptive article. I am currently writing my Masters paper and I wish I had your talent!

Russell Duffy said...

My talent? Get outta here. It's you who has the talent. But thanks.

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