Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What We Have Isn't What We Need - Democracy ( A Lady In Waiting)

"If Labour is to truly become part of a movement rather than remain just a machine – it’s crucial to recognise the multi-party nature of modern British politics. No one party has a monopoly on wisdom, or is capable of making the transformation alone: a diversity of progressive voices is essential for our democracy.
Greens, for example, bring vital and distinctive issues to the table – most crucially, and at the heart of our politics, is the fundamental belief that a new social contract will only ever be possible if it’s built upon the foundations of “one planet living”. Without a safe climate at the heart of our policymaking, progressive politics won’t ever take root. Indeed, there is no better argument for abandoning tribalism than the looming climate crisis we face. If we’re going to stabilise our environment and build a secure economy that serves our children and grandchildren, we have to work together."

In the UK, following May's General Election, thirty percent of the British population voted Conservative. With our first past the post pseudo democracy a tiny, almost-but-not-quite, administration was formed. It doesn't take a genius to see if thirty percent got their choice then seventy percent didn't.

However, another factor emerged during the election and it was this. Hands were outstretched from normally opposing political parties most notably the Greens, The SNP and Plaid Cymru. Since May the Conservative's have struggled to get their redundant policies through parliament. This has been in no small part because of the SNP who doggedly refuse to accept austerity. Labour to have seen a wondrous transformation from Blairite neo-Liberals to something resembling the Labour party of old. Jeremey Corbyn has touched the hearts of millions. He now needs to go one stage further - work with that wonderful triumvirate. Together, as a progressive alliance, they would prove to be a force far too powerful for the Conservatives to battle.

But include all, yes all, that also means those whose opinions you don't share for that is true Democracy.
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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