Saturday, 19 December 2015

Facebook Fleetstreet - The Markist's Daily Mail

From being a frivolous place where friends or family meet, share photo's and memories with the occasional moan about politics, Facebook is being turned by failed bloggers into a place where they, with a very limited audience, can voice their odious thoughts. This is not the purpose of Facebook. It is an abuse.

It isn't isolated to anyone person as dozens seem pre-occupied in presaging us with THEIR single vision truths and opinions. However, having said that It is through one failed bloggers attempts to raise his own private revolution that I saw this business at work.
The individual in question, a man with a brain the size of The Mekon; an abundance of talent, who is highly intelligent, hugely creative and whose work I normally enjoy has scraped the barrel with his latest outpourings depicting ordinary political people in monstrous ways. It is not satire; it is not art. Neither Gerald Scarfe nor Francis Bacon would drift so far., fall so low.  It is a far left wing mirror take of how the Daily Mail makes monsters of political people, people like Jeremy Corbyn, who is nothing less than a man off integrity, those who do not subscribe to their limited visions of what makes a democracy, even an 'almost' democracy like ours. It is cheap and puerile.
I disliked Maggie Thatcher but she was no fascist, no dictator. The proof of this lies within her letter of rebuttal to Frederick Hayek on the subject but also the manner in which she was removed from power - by the speech of Geoffrey Howe; her own party and of course 'The Poll Protest Marches.' - a democracy of sorts was at work here.
David Cameron and George Osborne are, in my opinion, inept. Osborne is, I think, the worst Chancellor in living memory. Neither deserve the sort of demonic cracked appraisal given them by these infantile, self defeating 'sketches.' There is only one purpose behind their creation which is to self-serve the artist who created them,  a man who seeks self-aggrandisement hoping to impress a small few in the same manner as those who write or draw such unambiguous clap trap for the gutter press.
The truth, above all things, matters The truth is the last thing being sought here. Just a left-wingers jaundiced view on anyone who doesn't fit his preferred frame of political views. 
What upsets me most is the high-regard I have for him torn to shreds by such lazy cruelties that do not aid the situation one bit while destroying any integrity Labour, Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters seek.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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