Monday, 30 November 2015


I'll take the words like butterflies
then pin them to my page
to reflect all the frustrations,
the ambiguities, the rage,
that persists to rail then rise in me.

the constant thought of emptiness
as loneliness unfurls another flag,
a brighter flag, a banner raised on high.

the desperation of these days
where so little has changed,
yet still a promise made long ago
has me engaged,
where all is one,
where one loves all,
no colour,
no religion
no hate at all.

age will not pacify
nor temper this heat,
whilst prejudice and ignorance remain
to perpetuate another's conceit.


"We see how immature the political, the religious, the economic activity is that is going on all about us. There is only one political problem, the unity of mankind, and no one seems to bother about that. There is a great deal of talk about it, but to bring it to fruition there must be not only an economic change, a psychological change in the social structure, but also in the whole structure of the psyche, of the mind."  - Jiddu Krishnamurti


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A Utility Fish Shed Blog