Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Gutter Press, It's Opponents - Hypocrisy in a Hand Cart

The gutter press exist only to fuel those who seek vapid excuses to exercise their bilious thoughts., to air their obnoxious views. It is the people one should blame not the media for without the peoples consensual expressions to extol the virtues of hate and cruelty where would the media get their ideas?

And let us not run away with the notion that it is merely those of the right, those who read the Mail, Express, Sun, Star, Times and Telegraph who vent their spleen in a manner without decorum, dignity or decency; the Mirror and a vast many of the left join in the orbiting, ever demeaning vaudeville, like Punch and Judy on amphetamines. They too are equally unpleasant in their depictions of those they disagree with.

How many times do we have to hear of Cameron buggering a pig? Who cares? Those who reiterate, nay regurgitate that rapidly becoming hackneyed expose are no better than those they claim to dislike. They are in fact just the same. Both share the same poisonous minds pouring out spurious counter claims against those they like least.

Jeremy Corbyn has his faults as does David Cameron. I do not wish to hear of any of those unless they bear relevance to national security or reveal them as sexual perverts or paedophiles or of having done some heinous crime in a past life. I care not one whit whether Mister Corbyn has had a string of lovers, male, female or both, or if Mister Cameron has, in some moment of youthful hi-jinks deflowered a deceased porcine. All I care about is whether or not their policies meet with my approval; whether or not they are fit to hold office.

Too many declare themselves democrats when in point of fact they are  not. They are no better than those they vilify. Democracy means allowing those with a body of voices to be able to air their collective views. This includes equally UKIP as it does the SNP as it does Labour of Conservative.

Time for those with red flags unfurled, or perhaps blue or maybe even green, to accept that maintaining dignity is paramount at all times and that stooping low in an attempt to attack those media pundits mired in the excrement of their own making does not mean you are right. What it means is you are just the same and therefore no better than those you despise. Nor does it give you a right to denigrate politicians as fascist or Stalinist when they patently are not. This is not just a media crime it is one being perpetrated now on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently name calling the better to decry those whose views you disagree with is legitimate. It is not. It is vile. 

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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