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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

When asked her greatest achievement Margaret Thatcher said "New Labour." An understandable response when you think of it. The woman did fashion modern politics in her image. Blair and Brown had little to do with the Labour Party as created by Keir Hardy, nothing like the magnificent party as led by Clement Atlee nor even remotely connected to Harold Wilson's administration of the sixties. Before Maggie we had political choice and those choices were healthy and as diverse as could be imagined. Mrs Thatcher destroyed not only the unions but also the left but also pulled the divergent ideologies into one centrist smudge.
Blair has said how much he admired her. Brown even went so far as to invite the Dame to number 10. All they ever did was soften Thatcher's method whilst maintaining the process she set in motion.
Another of the woman's memorable quotes is one I have used before - "He and I (the 'he' being Sir Keith Joseph) are in reality old style Liberals. Not the modern collectivist bunch but more like William Gladstone." Once this philosophy was adopted then adapted to the Conservative party several paradigm shifts took place making the name 'Tory' or even 'Conservative' a misnomer.
Old style Liberals, and by that I mean 'classical liberals,' believed in as small as possible governments the better to allow individual freedom. This means little or no restraints on free trade. If a business goes bad, goes bust then so be it, let it. It is in reality Social Darwinism. The survival of the fittest. It is but a small step away from Right-Libertarianism which advocates as few rules as possible. They would have as few 'tampering's' with the machine of capitalism as possible. This is what the current so-called Conservative party consists of. Three fractures. Libertarianism, Neo-Liberalism and old style One Nation Toryism. This is why I, and many far better political commentators than me, refer to the current Tories as Thatcherite.
It would do well if those who poo-poo the Thatcherite appellation looked a little deeper into UK politics and not just scratched the surface. The past thirty six years has seen a slide forever to the right. Not the right of centre nor the right as Fascist. This right has no time for any collectivist ideal; no 'unity is strength' but rather individuality at all costs with as few rules as possible.
The Labour Party, the modern day sort, are equally as splintered as the Conservatives. The old left had been shuffled into the shadows, into a corner where families usually position their senile aunts and uncles. Their teeth have been pulled and their dentafix hidden.
The Labour Party now contains Neo-Liberals, Social Democrats and those unmentionable socialists who made the party what it was in the first place.
This has left the general electorate highly suspicious of anything remotely socialist. They fear a return to the eighties where the Labour Party practised badger baiting amongst themselves tearing huge lumps out of each as each advocate of one method was roundly turned upon by the others.
The trouble is this - we as a nation over the last thirty six years have become anesthetised to the numbing effects of the neo-liberal society we live in and are unable to recognise a genuine man, a politician in this case, who is not of the extreme left, who is not Trotskyist, not Marxist but is in fact a man of common sense with the common touch. I for one welcome anyone who desires a better, caring society. One that need not abdicate a sound fiscal policy nor surrender is desire to defend itself by chucking pounds down the proverbial drain. 
The sheer nonsense surrounding Corbyn not singing the National Anthem is nothing less than absurd. Who cares? Does anyone really think the Queen was insulted by this republican stance? The woman is, for all those who dislike her, intelligent. Undoubtedly she has met many, myself included, who, as a democrat believe in the exercise of the those in places of power having been elected to office. This does not mean we bear the Royal Family any malice. What we have in this almost democracy is the power to do, almost, as we please so long as no one is injured by our actions.

The Daily Mail now seems intent on revealing the lovers Mister Corbyn has had. I don't care. I suspect a great many of my fellow 'subjects' (not citizens) couldn't care either. Does it have any bearing on the mans politics? No, not unless he has been sleeping with a member of the KGB then it might be of national interest. The campaign to smear Jeremy Corbyn is appalling and typical of the newspapers leanings to the right.  

Jeremy Corbyn, and I am not a Socialist, is just a left-of-centre man who is by and large decent. You may not like his views but at least they are as honest and as passionate as those held by Margaret Thatcher herself.
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