Saturday, 11 July 2015

For the Love of Grace - The Wedding of Mister and Mrs White

I stuffed a fistful of tissues into the leather satchel I always carry with me. I figured I would cry when I saw Grace in her wedding gown so I wanted to be prepared. In fact I put a lot of things into the bag none of which I got the chance to use as the bag had to stay at the house. The only thing that went with me, with Vicki, one of Grace's bridesmaids, was my obligatory bottle of Lucozade.

When I arrived at my old home the warmest greeting I got by far, and I was warmly greeted by all my kids when I got there, was the wet tongue on my nose from the family pet, Cookie. The runt of the litter perhaps but a great friend and a loving Border Collie. Goodness, how I miss that dog.

A female photographer was silently slipping in and out of rooms, her feet bereft of shoes she lightly moved about on stocking feet  snapping away. At this point I hadn't seen any of the photos she had taken but then again I wouldn't would I? She was taking them then and it takes up to a fortnight to airbrush and make good the multitude, and I mean just that, of images taken.

This one as first seen on Facebook still takes my breath away. Grace has all the qualities, in my eyes at least, of a Hollywood film star. By God she is stunning. Even now, a couple of weeks later, I feel a huge wave of emotion flood through me when I see her sitting there looking so very beautiful. She always was the more photogenic of all of us.

Impossible to relate the range of emotions that flooded through me that day. Everything and including pride, pleasure, joy, sadness, guilt plus an enormous feeling of something passing. Not my daughter from me to another male, I have never been that kind of dad, but of time ticking faster and faster.

Forgive me this extravagance but isn't she simply the best? 

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