Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Thief of Rage - "With All the Will in the World, Fighting for Dear Life"

England is my homeland. It is here that I choose to live. It is here where my family are. Should some invader threaten these shores then I would defend my homeland and if necessary fight and kill those that chose to invade.
England is my homeland. It is here I grew up. English is my first and only language. But living here and speaking my mother tongue does not define me as just English. I am not a typical patriot. I do not fly any flag for there is no flag that defines me nor does living in England.  
It could be argued, in painting a broader picture, that I am European. The English came from West Germany. There again so did the Irish, The Welsh, The Cornish and The Scot's. They are tribes not races and my tribe may be English by somebody else definition, it may be European but it is inaccurate and certainly not mine.
First and foremost I am of the human race. Humanity spread from Africa like wine from a broken bottle covering the shrinking globe as mankind found its feet and started walking. I am, like every other Hominid, as unlimited data in the shape of DNA proved, born of the same people. Under my white skin is another shade of black man.
What Europe has done to Libya is criminal. If the war on Gaddafi was just then the outcome, the very ramifications of that conflict are the very opposite. You simply  cannot enter someone else's homeland declaring you are bombing them to aid them remove a dictator thereby freeing the enslaved from this authoritarian shackles if by doing so you then walk away leaving a broken nation, a fractured people, to fend for themselves.
We in England, we in Europe, we in America should hold out the hand of help to all those poor souls fleeing a land where strife, famine, poverty and terror hound them.
Britain is yet again committing the same apathetic, neglectful political rejection as they did the Irish during the potato famine. Britain is looking the other way whilst those whose lives they have destroyed beg for help. How can we, a nation known for its humanity, its compassion, not help those we displaced in the first instant.
Mister Cameron and his Conservative party, the Coalition in total, are guilty of crimes I have not the words to describe. It is appalling to see fellow humans, already subjected to degradations we in the West cannot imagine. To see them select the possibility of rather than stay and race the certainty of death is heart breaking. Shame on the UK Government. Shame on The Europeans. Shame on America. Shame on you all.   
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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