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The Thief of Rage - Thatcherism the last 36 years and on....


I am trying to recall a time when we last had a Conservative Administration. Ted Heath I guess and he was a bit of a joke. Before him, and I still remember his kindly, school head masterly appearance, was MacMillan. He always seemed such a kindly natured man. Then there was Mister Home who's plumb filled mouth enunciated words I found hard to understand. He might as well have come from some far off planet, I think he probably did as he certainly had no grasp of what people in the sixties required. Not that his accent had anything to do with it but rather his 'let them eat cake' type politics. Yes, Ted 'laughing boy' Heath is the last of the Tories. The last of what I think of as being Conservative.
These last thirty six years, ever since 1979,  we have seen five successive Thatcherite parties. In that select group, all of whom represent large C capitalism, we have Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and the current mish mash of Cameron, Clegg, Osbourne and Cable. Ed Milliband, sincere, honest and passionate, has a leash around his throat placed there by the Blairite's  that prevent him from leading a once Socialist party away from their Neo Liberal modern tendencies back to a radical solutions provider. Better Labour perhaps, with their watered down Thatcherism than what we currently have even if only marginally so. And of course beer swilling, cigarette smoking, man with the common touch, leader of UKIP, the resplendent Nigel Farage is yet another Thatcherite, Neo Liberal, Hayek acolyte, politician who sees the free market, unhindered by regulation, a worthy trickle down source for the elite few to reap the greatest rewards. Are we yet again, having lived through times where the rich getter richer and the poor get the crumbs, going to vote for the same-old-same-old again? Surely not?
What we should not do is blame the political establishment. Their purpose has always been a subservient role. It is one they have unfailing supported throughout their undemocratic existence. Big C capitalism is the offspring of industry. It was born out of the industrial revolution. By taking men and women, brothers and sisters in serfdom, out of the fields where they laboured then shackling them to the wheel of servitude that is capitalist enterprise, they have effectively created another servile state. But it has done more than that. Not content with brainwashing those susceptible to such indoctrination, those that believe capitalism and communism are sworn enemies and not part and parcel of the same deal, Thatcherism has promoted a big is better ideology. Now we are governed, and in no small part, by a small elite who control the media, the banks and the political system. No, don't blame the political establishment - blame your selves. After all, 'you' keep voting for them.

Listening to the pantomime antics of parliament one is given to thinking that only grown men could, and do, behave in such a fashion and that the only women able to stand up to these testosterone theatrics are those able to act in similar manner. Fortunately there are women who do not subscribe to this most elitist and sexist of rituals. Sadly, the electorate, having been lead to believe that strong leaders must have an abundance of swagger if not a bullying persona, find it hard to become accustomed to females whose dignity and whose integrity can not so easily be trained into behaving in such a brute fashion.

Perhaps that is unfair. If nothing else we have seen a slick, polished free market state freed of regulation prosper in ways hard to believe. This has been achieved by possibly the subtlest of brain washing methods ever conceived, methods Hitler and Stalin would have admired. They are almost Orwellian in their potency. The media have played their part. Of course they are owned by the elite who use them to present truths that lead the reader away from even darker truths. These other truths are hidden behind facts such as benefit fraud which is around £2.5 billion. What they fail to tell you is that corporate tax evasion, legal but wholly immoral, is a staggering £25 billion. That money is public money and is being secreted away from where it would be best used in support of those who brought the financial collapse on us in the first place.
We are told, and too readily accept in my opinion, easy to believe excuses as to why we, not this nation of ours which is incredibly wealthy, are so hard done by. We are told it is due to immigrants stealing our jobs, those very same jobs we do not want as they don't pay sufficient wages. We are told it is benefit cheats who defraud us of  annually of £1.2billion that are another cause of our apparent poverty. What about the tax fiddles that companies are paid to do, and all legally, on behalf of other business which amount to an estimated £25 billion. Is that not worse? And what about Trident? It offers no legitimate defence to this nation and costs us billions. That money should be spent of the NHS. 
This May, as the parties all square up to each other, we are faced with accepting more of the same. Is this what we really want? Is it not that we simply cannot see a better way?We are the only ones who can make a radical change to our lives.

With this election due on 7th May 2015 we are being persuaded with gentle menaces if we support the Tories not to vote UKIP as that will only let the Labour party in to number 10. Conversely, the Labour party are telling us not to vote SNP as that will only let in the Conservative party. This leads me to think that, and following recent editions of the Daily Mail and Telegraph, that the Tory inclined media are running a little scared as are those of the Labour party at the rise of pluralism within our collective thinking. It is as though by wanting changes to the stale political UK landscape we must vote for one of two parties and not follow our hearts and minds and go for something radical. You know, working together to make things better. The coalition has miserably failed delivering only austerity to our lives. UKIP are nothing but more of the same. Labour, are the best bet but not as they are. I would like to see the pluralism I mentioned adopted then adapted to yet another coalition.  Just because one has failed does not mean another cannot succeed.

I think it high time Labour, yes, you should vote for them wherever they and Tories stand equal chance of getting in but, constituencies where there is doubt or where Labour have fallen into third or fourth place with no possible chance of doing better, vote Green. A coalition formed and led by Ed Milliband, forged from the collective might of the Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru, will be the radical response we need. Not more austerity but fairness, a better distribution of wealth, a return to having the NHS nationalized along with the Royal Mail and water and gas. What was ours has been taken away. We must take it back in view of the alternatives failure to secure a better life for one and all.

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