Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Just Call Me Bonkers or Bonk or Crack or Crackers; Just Don't Call Me Granddad. xxx

These two lovely's, Thumbscrew and Ria, along with Tweezil and Chelsea Blue (second photo down) have made me the proudest Dad a Dad could be.

Tweezil marrying Brett is old news now as I have spoken of the wedding before. The new news, the red hot, off the presses 'read all about it' news is this... The blonde bombshell below, the first blonde that is next to the gorgeous brunette, is pregnant - eight weeks 'in the family way,' 'up the duff,' ' a bun in the oven,' or any other euphemism you can think off. This you would think is enough to make me a very proud man. I am but more so as Thumbscrew doesn't seem to do things by halves. Oh no, not my girl. She is carrying twins! TWINS! Can you Adam and Eve it? A fully formed family in one go.

Ecstatic? You bet. Thrilled beyond belief. I have carried the secret the past few weeks until this weeks scan. Now it is confirmed following the blue strip all those days ago.


Me, a Grandfather.


With the countdown for the births, due in November, at the very early stages, the other countdown is well underway. The knot will be tied in a little over a month, the sixth of June to be precise. Man alive this is more excitement that any bloke has the right to feel. I cried when I first saw Tweezil in her wedding gown. I cried when I learned of Thumbscrew's news. 2015 is going to be a fantastic year.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.


Wanda Bates said...

Huge congratulations from all of us at Team Netherworld. We know you will be the best young granddad ever! :-)

Russell Duffy said...

Thanks Wanda.

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