Friday, 27 February 2015

The Thief of Rage - The Pantomime Politics of the UK

I have long thought that American TV interviewers far too mild mannered when asking  questions pertinent to the political landscape. It is as if they are just a tad too deferential of political people especially their President. That of course, is my limited view of things over there as I really don't know, don't watch in fact, that much American TV and certainly not nearly enough deep political debate. What I do know is that, and conversely at the same time, both like and really dislike the political circus of American politics. That said, and not wanting to offend the few American friends I have, is our version, our Pantomime performed in the Houses of Parliament any better? I think not.
The head end of the Panto horse, and by that I mean HE who sits at the governmental steering wheel, is David Cameron who, according to him and of course I trust every word he utters, is about to resign having singularly failed, having promised, his pledge to reduce immigration whilst in power. This so called failure, if such it is, reduces a man of self-made reductive powers to that of the Jester in the court of some medieval King . You have promised, you have failed. No one is laughing so therefore, keep your word and go.
The arse end of said Panto horse, the man who I thought spoke at least a smidgeon of sense when he said that no one in power knew precisely how many illegal immigrants there were in the UK but also promised his party, The Liberals, would have no part in hiking up the costs for education, also failed his promise. As the arse end of anything one expects a fair amount of excremental discharge but in light of his should he not also hand in his resignation having misled both party and electorate? I think so.
Then we have the middle part of the Panto horse, the rotund belly that shifts and bulges with redundant thoughts that forever seem to be dreamt up the night before and always in reaction to what the head and arse end are doing. Mister Milliband does no more seem in charge of the Labour (allegedly) Party than his sparring partner Dave. His recent comments about Tory Lord Fink was questionable only in its hypocrisy. How many Labour Lord's and MP's have dodged paying their taxes? Suggestion they don't or haven't are spurious. Even honest Ed, that paragon of virtual incorruptibility, has his inheritance tax to recall when besmirching others. The deed of variation might be a legal loophole but is it moral?  Does it allow for one person, having used said loophole to condemn another for what I believe is called 'vanilla tax avoidance?' I think not.
The squeak you hear is not the squeaky clean one associates with honesty but the squeak of bottoms unleashing their guilt as their collars are felt.
And there, certainly in the region I live in, is young Nige, sipping his beer like a regular bloke with his cock stand rigid as his excitement mounts.
Tariq Ali, that longstanding advocate of all things socialist has become so disenchanted he has suggested we either move to Scotland (I truly would if I could) or vote Green. The trouble with the Greens is not their politics nor their manifesto, it is not even their leader, Australian-born Natalie Bennett, who seems reasonable enough, but her blunder recently made when she couldn't, when questioned on a political show, recall how much the cost of 500,000 homes would be. She 'ermed' a bit, quite a lot in fact, as she struggled to remember the figures. This faux pas will cost her dearly as we Brit's like nothing more than to laugh at another's weaknesses or lack of what is perceived as 'leadership qualities.' Of course, Nige, like Mister Blair and Mrs Thatcher, shows them and in spades. 
May is fast approaching. I think a Labour victory is in sight but, to paraphrase Mister Spock, 'It's Labour Jim but not as we know it.'
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Sadie Tagabayan said...

For all the huffing and puffing about "free speech," the truth is that the mainstream U.S. media outlets are in the pockets of the government. Only those on the extremist ends of journalism dare to ask the tough questions. The rest of it is nothing but a dog and pony show.

Russell Duffy said...

And I think all western governments are controlled by a bigger power that of corporates. They run the show. Thanks for the comment and for dropping by.

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