Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Thief of Rage - Seeking apologies from Islam over the attacks on Charlie Hebdo

I fully supported Charlie Hebdo’s undeniable right to publish what it likes.  Freedom of speech is a highly prized possession among all right minded people. It really matters little whether the jokes are about Jesus, Allah or any given politician. However, supporting an ideological principle is not the same as supporting all the magazine’s output some of which I found distasteful.
The murderous attacks on the Paris-based satirical magazine are beyond distasteful, they are nothing short of barbaric. The people behind this attack, now claimed by Al Qaeda Lebanon as being a retaliation following the pre-emptive commands of the late Osama Bin Laden who invoked such an eventuality when he said that such attacks would be - “the consequences of the persistence in the blasphemy against Muslim sanctities”.

Nothing on this planet is sanctified apart from the sanctity of human life.

To suggest those terrorists were not in any way Muslim is patently wrong – they were. They followed as many such like-minded people do, the more strident, archaic and highly unpleasant texts found within the Koran. Conversely, having said that, this doesn’t mean that other Muslim’s, by far the greater part, have not condemned the acts – they have – vociferously. In fact, they have been doing so ever since the Twin Towers were destroyed. It really is discomforting to witness idle minded individuals turn upon innocent people, lumping them all together and demanding Islam stop these wicked deeds. Islam already has and has been doing so for a great many years.
There appears to be some pre-conceived notion, based unfortunately on the extremes and extremists of the Islamic faith, that Muslim’s are less tolerant, more warlike, less peaceful. This simply isn’t the case. The reverse is true of the vast majority. Claiming otherwise is the same as saying all Christian’s support fascism. Some did, some still do but to wedge the whole collective into some ill-fitting convenient bag is wrong.

Like all Monotheistic religions, Islam has its share of unspeakable’s, those that the bulk of that faith would rather disown. To help with this process we should, of course, condemn any and all authoritative inclinations and persuade those of such religions to begin the process of amending their Holy books until such archaic, and redundant texts are gone. After all Monotheism, Jews, Christians and Muslims have all done their fair share of cruel acts and all three still have the unfortunate passages visible to be seen by anyone seeking to hijack those flagrantly despicable words to justify their own violent hearts.
At the end of the day we must work toward a secular world but in doing so create no new quasi-faiths such as New Atheism or Humanism;  encourage Monotheists to dispose of their old ways and at the same time tackle all fundamentalists as robustly as we are able. Let us all go direct without the need for Rabi's, Priests or Imans, to whatever God we personally believe in or whatever force guides us but in doing so please stop blaming all Muslims. It is not Islam we need to blame but authoritarianism.

And let us not forget that such atrocities are being enabled by the weapons supplied by the West. Such is the measure of hypocrisy of the United States and the UK.

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