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The Thief of Rage - Politics, Immigration, UKIP and the Truth about the British Electorate


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You only need to have lived a brief while on this planet of ours to know that sometimes ideals, as noble as they are, fail to engage with a reality coerced upon us by the actions of others. I am one of those people who would like to see border controls done away with. I would like to see all manufactured controls  removed allowing human kind to do what our species have done since the birth of our primate existence - move freely among each other. Unfortunately, this dream must remain exactly that as having created those invisible barriers in the first place, erecting unseen and imperceptible  walls, we have given life to a cause and effect which by its actions initiates the rise of ugly nationalism. 
Today it would be unthinkable in light of the existence of ISIS and Al Qaeda, or indeed those poor souls fleeing their fascist warmongering ways who need and should receive sanctuary in the UK, to simply waltz in and do what the hell they like. The former two would very likely shoot, burn and kill thousands. This is an intolerable thought. The tragic outcome is that those deserving our help are inhibited from seeking it because of those unfit to breathe the same air. Those Syrian refuges who should be allowed sanctuary are fellow human beings needing shelter and of whom we are morally obliged to help as they are not commercial migrants but homeless people and therefore entitled to be housed here.
Immigration is, much like religion, a man-made concept. We are all come from the same source. That said we now live in a world where few can travel to other countries with impunity and for the very reasons mentioned above. This being so, controlled immigration is the only viable option any nation can employ when reviewing those seeking to live in a nation states country. It is an unpleasant truth but the ugliest one.
UKIP, the right wing, no, let us be generous here, the right of centre British political party whose existence is owed to Alan Sked, are anti-European Immigration.  As a political party UKIP was founded on that one single issue - they did not and do not want to be part of a Federal Europe. Moreover, they do not want to be part of Europe at all although would trade with the EU as they would with any other Sovereign State. The founding member, Alan Sked, who was passionately opposed to The Maastricht Treaty, left the party in 1992 following poor election results said upon leaving " [UKIP] are racist and have been infected by the far-right". A point I feel that should be remembered even if it is one denied by its party leader.
UKIP's dislike of European immigration is perfectly legitimate. I do not share it. Why not? For the same reasons I will not be voting UKIP.  The issues involved are more complex than UKIP suggest and besides, why would anyone vote for a party that currently lacks anything like a manifesto apart from its stance on immigration?
Contrary to popular belief we do know who the largest body of immigrants to these shores are and they are not European. They are Canadian, Australian and New Zealanders all of whom, much like their far fewer European counterparts, contribute taxes and a wealth of experience thereby benefiting us all.
The problem with immigration comes in two parts. The first, and conveniently used and abused by both the electorate and UKIP, is when Gordon Brown allowed unlimited amounts of (allegedly as no one knows for sure) Polish workers to enter Britain. He did this for very sound economic reasons. Britain made £6 billion profit on taxes taken from these people who, if they indeed were all Polish, are the self same nation who fought beside us during World War 2 and without whom victory would not have been so easy. These émigrés, by and large, left with cash in their purses and cash deposited in our reserves. The second reason is the xenophobic heart of Britain's oldest immigrant's, the English, who, desperate to find some one to blame for yet another recession, point the finger at the easiest target rather than the real one - themselves, the British electorate. It is after all those who cast their votes who have consistently put into power those who have repeatedly let us all down.

I don't think UKIP fascist. I don't think UKIP racist. I think they have members who are both but then again so do all the other parties with the possible exception of the Greens. It is UKIP's  woeful lack of honesty, the same dishonest approach as witnessed by the other parties all of whom suggest changes will be made that shall alter the social and political fabric of Britain. Rubbish. Not one single party, not Labour, not Liberal and certainly not Conservative and thereby by default UKIP, are able to control big business and by that I mean the laws and powers given corporates. Hayek's laws are now commonplace. The natural laws given us by mother nature replaced by a mechanical regime. If change needs to be made it is not by distancing Britain from Europe, it is not by embracing nationalism, it will come only if we take on the banks, and the industries who demand not less immigration but more and whose hearts deal not in communities but commerce.
Immigration is a blind alley,  a tunnel, one we are being led down in the belief the oncoming light is that of a shipload of foreigners bound to arrive here, steal our jobs and misuse our beloved National Health Service. That light is blinding us to the truth for it is the searchlight of a fascist system growing bigger every hour which has turned us into modern day serfs within a servile state run by multi-national corporations who think nothing of making human beings redundant as it they were machine parts, easy to replace. No, I would not like a return to a pre-industrialized England, green and pleasant as it might be but I do not like the way human life is governed and I don't see Nigel Farage and his apparent UKIP saviours doing anything, or being able to, reverse that tide. I would even go so far as to suggest with an ex-City trader in charge matters might get a whole lot worse. Capitalism with a big C.
"Yes, that's right, I am no racist but I LOVE Enoch Powell."
It is no big secret that Nigel Farage is a failed Tory. By that I mean no disrespect. He once supported the Conservatives then grew increasingly dissatisfied with them as they did little to reverse the move to formal ties with Europe. The man I most identify Mister Farage with is John Redwood, another anti-European, who, were he a cowboy, would wear his six-gun on his right hip. Both men are of that side of the house. Both share similar views on Federal Europe.

"Yet the British people are not fooled, and a consistent majority want to leave the EU. A BBC Politics Show poll in 2009 showed 55% want out of the EU. In 2008 an ITV Luton referendum showed 54% wanting to leave. Yet nobody aged under 54 has had a chance to vote on this issue. We need a new referendum on EU membership. Only UKIP represents the majority view. Labour and the Liberal Democrats shamefully contrived to break their last manifesto commitments and deny the British people a referendum on the appalling Lisbon Treaty (in reality an EU constitution), showing utter contempt for democracy. The Conservatives were little better, with their EU ‘Cast Iron Guarantee’ being shown to be brittle and worthless. UKIP is the only party determined to bring power and control back to Westminster and the British people. Only UKIP will enable us to govern in the best interests of the UK"

Does UKIP have some super economic plan? Are they capable of preventing the swings and dips of what has become something of a repetitive trait in British post war history? If the answer is yes then how will they do it without immigrants who only ever fill the jobs we English don't want? The National Health Service owes a massive debt, both top but particularly bottom end, to the arrival of a wealth of immigrants. How will UKIP work with the CBI who have already fired a warning shot across the bows of the UK's neo-Toryites galleon fearing a sudden lack of low paid resource? Business, after all, demands securing improved levels of production and the easiest way in achieving that is by hiring workers at minimum wage levels.

The question I would like answered is why would anyone vote UKIP when they have far too few policies, apart from two, that define them? Oh they have others but they all spin from the same Catherine wheel off fizzing light, all gravitating to and from the desire for the UK to be free of Europe.

This from UKIP's manifesto such as it is....

"Spend an extra 40% on defence annually, another 1% of GDP
· Expand the Army by 25% to 125,000 personnel and double the size of the Territorial Army
· Restore the Royal Navy to its 2001 strength with three new aircraft carriers and nearly 70 other ships, at the same time guaranteeing the future of the Plymouth, Portsmouth and Rosyth bases
· Increase RAF capability by buying more essential helicopters, transport aircraft and 50 extra JSF Lightning aircraft
· Restore historic regiments, such as the Highland regiments, which are being subsumed into planned European battle groups
· Strengthen our commitment to NATO, while withdrawing from all EU operations"

Is this wise? Should we not be concerning ourselves on a defence from terrorism rather than this seemingly jingoistic sabre rattling? Would it not be advisable to increase our Special Service  forces to greater strength while subsuming a small percentage of the historic regiments into this evolving British military group? Should we not, as a small island state, concern ourselves less with an offensive force but rather a defensive one? So much of the above strikes as being similar to the methods used by past right wing groups. Increase the armed forces, create industry on the back of shipbuilding battle ships. Why, we might even start building British cars again. It has been done before.

I don't want to join Europe in fully fledged manner at this stage. However, I would not want to damage the possibility of doing so if and when the time were right and of benefit to Britain. Why would any sane individual wish to remove them self from a powerful ally and at such a cost? National pride? A warped sense of the return of Empire? We are after all, even the English who first came from what is now West Germany, European. 

Why vote for another Tory party when you already have one? Are UKIP able to radically change life in Britain? Will we all prosper under them to such an extent that our lives are vastly and irrevocably improved or are we, some of us at least, a little sceptical of such an easy solution? I know which one I am.

But still, this is not the point here. Whether UKIP are indeed the party to restore Britain back to some former economic glory which, incidentally, I don't believe we have fallen from in the first place - this too is missing the fundamental point - is immaterial. The real problem is the British electorate. It is they, and more specifically the English, unlike the Scot's, who are not so much lackadaisical as apathetic, who seek to find leaders to save them, who cast responsibility to the four winds and play politics like grandma does poker. These are the same people who vote Thatcher one year then Blair the next, who bemoan the fate of the NHS and  then do bugger all about it when casting their vote and who seek to find convenient fall guys to blame for their own lack of spine. It is the electorate we should blame not the parties, lacklustre though they all are, that should take the blame.

UKIP, the next government in waiting? Perhaps. Same meat, different gravy. Blame not the menu for its lack of choice but rather the diners selecting the dishes.
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