Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wealthy Entrepreneur Needed for Art Gallery Project

Being a man of average intellect I am not one given to eureka moments, by that I mean I have never conceived anything of genius. That said, and with that fact firmly in mind, sometimes the obvious is overlooked much to the chagrin of those wishing they had first thought it.
Southend-on-Sea is a town on the ‘up’. Many may not like the growth of the airport which now delivers both tourists from, as well as those going to, Europe. With such a body of people now visiting our sea-side town there is an obvious increase in trade. No matter the aesthetics of having, or indeed the possible adverse effects on local environment, when visitors arrive they bring, and spend, money.
Being so close to London has benefited Southend over the years. My Cockney Grandparents would pay frequent visits, taking in the town, the front, the ice cream and to satiate that odd desire to eat cockles and whelks set in aspic. Now our visitors include people from overseas.
The town offers much in the way of shops and entertainment. The one thing it lacks is an art gallery. We know from experience that art galleries both attract people and make money. The Tate, The Whitechapel Gallery, The Wapping Project, The National in London and even Firstsite in Colchester prove how profitable and important such facilities are.
So then, why hasn’t Southend its own? The 1970 built library would have made a fine place to show art and perhaps have a restaurant. Sadly, it has been utilised for other things. Having such an establishment on the sea front would be, costly to build perhaps, but an irresistible attraction too.
Should any wealthy entrepreneur seek the help of one who has contacts in the art world then please don’t hesitate to E-mail me. As I said, it is not a new idea; many have already made their mark as they counted their profits. “Art for art’s sake, money for God’s sake.”
Russell Duffy at utilityfishshed@hotmail.co.uk

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