Monday, 24 November 2014

Desolation Row

I have, from time to time, given those influences that have in some way played a part in the fabric of my Fekenham Tales some 'air space' here. It may be daft to even suggest that a song can influence a wannabe author's tales but this song has played a major part. Not so much in the tune or even the lyrics but rather the way Dylan writes, albeit surreally, of such a wealth of characters that inhabit this song.
The song its self is a masterpiece with Dylan pouring out, to my mind at least, a tune that sounds as if Fellini had directed it. The song is cinematic as characters slide into view and then slink past while we observe them all courtesy of Bob Dylan's visual lyrics. Such a rich range of people all with curious lives of their own that all live and breathe via the wondrous ability of the composer.
Why this hasn't been made into either a short film of a graphic novel is beyond me as it is brilliant in all ways. The tune sparkles with gemstone glitter, the guitar weaves a Spanish sound that dances around the lyrics that are as outrageous as could be wished for.
At over ten minutes long it may seem too much for a 'pop' song but I could listen for much longer and in fact have often wished that Dylan could have created even more odd folk to live down on Desolation Row.

Sheer genius.
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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