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Amatory Absurd - Romance Rides a One Legged Pony.

When writing what is transparently romance novels people, those that perceive or want to be perceived as intellectual, get kind of sniffy. They say with a withering glare "you are a man." In this, they are very perceptive. My question is... "And?"

It strikes me that the world I live in is itself absurd. Either that or insane. Very little of it makes much sense unless it be love. Even then, the heart bends instances into fragmentary moments that flicker from pleasure to pain.

Romance and the absurd go hand in hand. Both flush reality where such a misconception needs to be flushed.

What I write is Amatory Absurd. It is a combination of several linked styles including surrealism, humour, adventure, the erotic, the grotesque and yes, the absurd. Life leaves little choice. You either accept it as it is or accept it as it isn't. Or rather it is what it isn't therefore, it might be...absurd.

Publisher's, are still returning my manuscripts with polite, negatives written in the margins. I totally understand the why's and why not's but surely there is a market for such fiction? The figures received here suggest there is even if it is a sympathy vote.

I tried the E-book route and discovered to my chagrin that this was not the way to go. OK, I made some money but the books were rushed, pumped out before they were fully edited and amended. My only excuse is an old dog with an old bone - I wasn't in possession of all my faculties, I was obsessing about all manner of things, the books and their cover artwork among them. There is nothing wrong with Kindle (other E-book publishers are available) even if I didn't do things as I should. One of the other issues that caused problems was my losing my job at a time when funds made from book sales went into an advertising campaign, one that was designed, printed and ready to go. And go it did, in a box right under my bed where it remains to this day.

Don't ask. I went nuts for awhile. Sorry to all who I upset including the artist formerly known as DV.

I still fancy the idea of self-publishing. It means lots of hard work but that is something I am unafraid of. It also allows me as the owner/author to have far greater control of what I produce and what money I make. The British Government (that in itself is a misnomer as they couldn't manage a piss-up in a brewery) have a scheme whereby self-employed people can both receive an allowance when starting a new business but also receive a loan. This sounds good to these jaded ears. With this tool at my disposal, I could pay for all self-publishing costs, keep myself fed and clothed and still look for regular employment at the same time. This I must look into.

Here are the comments from an established publisher...

Dear Russell

With further reference to our email of 2 October, we have now completed the assessment of your manuscript.

We enjoyed The Snatch-Kiss Affair. You have created a colourful picture of village life, with larger than life characters and a strong central plot that gives the disparate personalities a shared focus. There is great humour here, through the interaction of your characters, your descriptions of them, and the twists and turns of the plot. We confirm that we would be pleased to work with you to publication. Your title will make an excellent addition to our fiction list.

Sadly their costs are exorbitant and three times what others charge. I shall keep looking.

So then, onwards and ever upwards to that heady place where my Amatory Absurd books sell like Mrs. Beatons home made cakes. For now, though the crumbs of my mix can be found scattered here on this blog site.

The Village Tales of Fekenham Swarberry are romance novels for the modern man and Ms 
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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