Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Thief of Rage - War Crimes in Gaza

A friend wondered recently why I, and many others it seems, are so up in arms over the war between Israel and Palestine. The answer is I am not. I dislike all human conflicts and do not advocate cessation of one over the other. I would rather see an end to all wars but that appears to be an elusive dream, one that has defeated the likes of Gandhi, Bertram Russell and Martin Luther King. Nor do I draw a comparison between what is happening in Syria or Africa to the obscene acts of indiscriminate violence in Gaza. One is no worse than the other. Nor am I a pacifist. Should some lunatic invade my home threatening the lives of my family then I would defend them. Should the result of my actions, regrettable though they would be, mean the death of the invader then so be it.

What incenses me with the Israeli government’s brute attack is that it is patently a deliberate act of wanton retaliation. A retaliatory act from being bombed by an insurgent set of terrorists known as Hamas. Understandable perhaps for who would not defend themselves against such a violation. But surely it is the terrorists who are the guilty party and not the families, women and children. This being the case, and no matter the logistical difficulties, the Israeli government should police the situation by hunting down the vile criminals perpetrating this heinous crime.

I have been accused of oversimplifying the situation. This is not so. The reverse is true. People are prepared to intellectualise what is patently an act of inhumanity as being political. This is a sham. What is going on in Gaza is criminal. Not just Hamas who should be sought out, captured and tried but the terrible, wilful methods of the Israeli’s for firing missiles into areas inhabited by communities.

How dare anyone use politics to hide behind criminal acts? How dare anyone disguise what is obviously wrong as being anything other then what it is? The war in Gaza is a deliberate tactic by Israel to wipe out Hamas, to extend their colonial occupation of Palestine. They have been doing it for years. Attacking innocents is no more self-defence than paedophilia is the benign love of children. Quite frankly it is disgusting.

Having employed these tactics on and off for years in what the Israeli government describe as acts of self-defence the fact remains that these violent attacks have solved nothing. Still the hate burns bright. The only solution is the simple one – that word again – simple. Sharing is better than burning. Living together better than dying.

This from an article in The World Post...

"Recent statements from Israeli officials indicate that this is war, and that it will not end soon. Yet wars of "self-defense" against the Gaza strip to weaken Hamas -- in 2008 and again in 2012 -- have proven futile again and again. A quick comparison shows that Hamas has increased the range and accuracy of its missiles time and again -- while attacks barely reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in 2012, they have now struck as far north as Hadera, 73 miles north of Gaza. Israel has failed to reach its self-declared goal of weakening Hamas' ability to strike within Israeli territory. Seemingly, then, the only lasting effects of air strikes are civilian casualties. As a recent Washington Post editorial argues, "The latest mini-war between Israel and the Hamas movement is as unwinnable for either side as previous rounds in 2009 and 2012."

Humanitarian aid is now required. The United Nations must act and send in a peacekeeping force before even more children are blown into fragments. Something has to be done and now.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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LeeKwo said...

Yes I wonder why they dont send in the troops and hunt the terrorists on the ground but I suspect that the death toll of Israeli troops would be to high for the Israeli people to tolerate/I agree with yr perspective/Guerrilla wars are impossible to defeat/Vietnam proved that/Afghanistan withstood the two strongest armies in the world the Russians and the Americans/This is the nature of the beast/

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