Friday, 5 June 2009

the ism of it all

bizarre ism.
ism ism.
the intellect outweighs the emotion. why?
i think therefore i am.
i think?
why do we create?
for the joy of it?
to be clever?
does one defeat the other?
does being so intelligent destroy the very thing we are?

to make a subtle point.
a point. a dot.
random particles of natures whim.
oh, the highest member in the food chain for sure
(that, by the way, isn't a question)
do we need to be intelligent to know life sucks?
do we need to intellectualise all that we do?
does there have to be a reason behind everything that i do?
there doesn't.
there isn't.
if i am anything it is a random IST.
kissed and destroy
no reason. i just am.
maybe. i guess.
but then again why cannot art encompass a multitude of different styles and approaches from the cerebral to the belly born intuitive?
obvious beyond expression why the is absurdist’s some what do they do.
it makes sense of nothing rational because the sense they whittle with their absurdist wit doesn't exist.
there is no sense.
we try to make sense in the same way we try manufacture gods.
everything is random with occasional bits of logic thrown in. cat eats mouse to live. cat gets micro waved by children, placed in plastic bag and put into concrete foundations of new high rise block.
and under the land mass we, odd creatures called human (a self made label if ever there was), have named as AMERICA sits the mother of all volcanoes.
it will go off.
it won't go off.
the human race will die.
at the end of the day, all of this, all we create, all we think about, all we discuss, mull over, argue, fight about, vegetate over will go.
and the random acts of creation go on but without us monkeys.
so then
the question repeats.
but questions always do don't they?

but do we really care?

all words and art are copyright © of cocaine jesus.


~~~Forest Nymph~~~ said...

What a thought provoking piece of marvel. That really got me thinking. Extremely good as always CJ!

Inconsequential said...

sorry, shall read again l8r, as v. tired now...but again inspired words, ruined by my own stupid mind as all the ism's at the start had me wanting to rhyme 'j...'

shall be back to give it my full attention later...

Inconsequential said...

you said monkeys :)

Lx said...

the more we think, the more we realize what an insufferable labyrinth we've created of this bloody life. and the only thing that's certain is death at the hands of the minotaur.
great piece.
i just recently found this blog (via 'realgem') so i'm busy reading the archives. i do love pieces like this and your previous entry.

Cocaine Jesus said...

~~~forrset nymph~~~bless you and thanks

Cocaine Jesus said...

inqky>>>no, no, no...MINKEY. i zaid minkey!

RuKsaK said...

when is an ism an ism? when it ism and ism. sorry - very flippant I know. I miss the long gone days when not everything had an ism. It's like when there were untagged pigeons in the sky.

Cocaine Jesus said...

ruk>>>at least ISM's don't shit on you.
or do they?

Perfect Virgo said...

I love this stream of conscious thought. The starkest realities pop into our heads when we free our thoughts. Your thoughts are always powerful and thought-provoking CJ.

emily previn said...

Hi CJ:
i really like this one.
i completely endorse rationality, though.
i am AGAINST "pure spontaneity", should that thing exist (which of course doesn't, does it. not a question).
but i'm also lazy, and don't like arguing too much.
but rationality (and its technology)are not without its cracks and ironies. that's what i'd like (us, as a bunch)to explore.

i'd really like to "process" this one.


Lx said...

"isms" absolutely shite on you. never think otherwise.

Inconsequential said...

ahh, the pointlessness of exsisting, the thought process to apathy :)
I cannot leave an immortal mark, so why should i bother...
few marks last long, but even those fade or loose original meaning. After all what is a few thousand years or ten thousand, nothing.
nothing at all.
for the future we leave a few bones and a broken pot, they have to guess the rest.
If you are lucky you'll drown in a bog and be found one day, and hailed as important...but they won't know your name, your drives and ambitions...but they'll guess, and knowing most things in life are shit, they'll guess wrong.

all down to doing what feels good now, and fuck the rest.


Cocaine Jesus said...

PV>>>so damn good to see you here again mate. thanks for the visit.

Cocaine Jesus said...

emily>>>pure spontaneity? no i guess not. everything is contrived. having said that things can happen when sparked by a discipline. jazz for example has a backbone that allows a form of spontaneiety to flourish. Iof a sort).
feel free to process.

cargwaps said...

*whistles* damn cj. talk about thinking outside the box. great piece. you always get the right mix of humor and gravity with your pieces.

"if i am anything it is a random IST.

good stuff. addictive. should come with warnings. might be illegal to have gotten this over the counter at this price. ; p

JohnB said...

we're all dead in the end...and that's all that matters...

right on! by the way

Cocaine Jesus said...

cargwaps>>>cocaine jesus as a govenment health warning? sounds reasonable to me!!!

Cocaine Jesus said...

johnB>>>i think you guys across the water have a great tag for guys my age...dead man walking!

Anonymous said...

An amazing read.

Ostrich said...

"why cannot art encompass a multitude of different styles and approaches from the cerebral to the belly born intuitive"

-It does! All art is in someway a manner of forgiveness.

In a lighter vein if you've seen some of the Turner exhibits at the Tate you'll know exactly what i mean when i say art ranges from the absurd to the rational in all its many avatars.

Cocaine Jesus said...

ostrich>>>this is more 'me' examing my prejudices than me makinga statement. i regularly visit the tate and, sadly moved to chelsea (i think) the saatchi gallery.
so, i agree with you!

ps. good to see you again.

weirsdo said...

It seems to me (and philosophers I like) that ethics offers a way out of the -isms. Maybe the only way.

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