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Erotica 6 - Eternals

The boys lay face down in the sand of the beach with the dying summer sun warming their backs. The sun sunk slowly into the ocean’s edge like an ancient battleship that had been riddled with cannon shot. The surf lapped lazily at their feet. One boy raised and dropped his foot onto the sand and then, as the tide hushed in, dipped it into the surf. Both the boys were tanned and both wore blue briefs. Both were about seventeen. One of the boys was blond and the other was dark, of Asian extract maybe and very attractive. They lay on their bellies caught somewhere between wakefulness and sleep, a drowsy somnolence that they basked in like the sun.  

The boy with the blond hair, the one whose foot was rising and falling like a tired metronome, and whose name was Alex, raised his sleepy head and looked over to the dark-skinned boy seemingly asleep by his side. He raised himself up onto his elbows so that he could study his friend in more detail. Daniel, the other boy’s name, had his head resting on the folded pillow of his own arms. He was very pretty thought Alex, golden brown skin that had a light coating of sand trapped in the tiny hairs of his arm, long sensitive fingers and long dark eyelashes that framed his cocoa-coloured eyes. He was lean and muscled, with a narrow waist and tight buttocks. Alex placed his hand on the boy’s back and lightly brushed away a drizzle of sand. Daniel’s breathing altered imperceptibly but he didn't wake.

"You are very beautiful aren't you?" whispered Alex.

Above them, gulls circled silently as if they too were somehow aware of the almost religious aspect of the closing of the day. Sunlight drifted into dusk before night closed like a jalousie. Alex traced his fingers lightly down the concavity of Daniel’s back, down his spine and over his delicate muscle. Daniel let out a slow and soft sigh; summer rain on forest leaves. His fingers hit the border of Daniel’s briefs and he pushed his hand momentarily under the elasticised edge of the boy’s swimwear and then withdrew it.

"And what do you think you were doing?" asked his now fully awake friend.

"Just exploring, you know investigating your topography, your dips, and curves."

"Well keep your hands to yourself," laughed Daniel.

He rolled onto his back, arms behind his head. Alex looked at him appreciatively. His stomach was defined by softly chiselled muscles that flowed with a sculptured grace. His chest was broad but without a single trace of hair. He had the look of a ballet dancer, lithe and powerful.  Suddenly Daniel sat up and declared.

"Hey, the sun is setting. Let’s go for one last swim before we head home. Let’s take off our trunks and go in naked!"

The boys giggled and removed their Speedos and then holding hands ran like maniacs into the rapidly cooling ocean. Splashing and kicking and finally falling into the waves. They swam like dolphins. Around each other, over each other, passing close, so close that their legs collided and their fingers touched. They swam for twenty minutes or more and then, feeling the chill nip at their flesh and seeing the dusk growing ash grey they stumbled out of the sea and collapsed again on the shore.

It was still warm. Warm enough for them to lay there and let the salty covering dry in the evening's benign breeze. Again Alex looked down upon the dark body of Daniel and again he placed his fingers upon his friend’s back brushing away the sand and drops of water that clung to his skin. He drew his fingers down into the valley of his hindquarters tracing the shape of his buttocks over and round and back again.

"Let's go up over there into those trees shall we?" enquired Daniel "Perhaps if we walk and look around it will take your horny little mind off of me and my ass. Waddya think?"

"I guess,"said Alex with a fake sulky look dripping from his face, "If that's what you really want to do."

"It is," said Daniel, "and for Christ sake take that silly look off of your face. You look as though someone has just given you palsy."

"You don't even know what palsy is. What it is it by the way?" smiled Alex.

They both laughed and gripped each others’ hands as they walked over to the trees.

It was dark now but still warm and too early for the moon to rise. The trees stood above them like the archway to a cathedral as they walked up the shadowy edge.

"It's spooky", said Alex shaking his shoulders in mock fright, "what if it’s got bats in there?"

"The only bats around here are the ones currently residing in your silly head," laughed Daniel, "why are you shivering? It isn't cold."

"I guess someone stepped on my grave."

"C'mere", Daniel held his arms open, "I'll warm you up."

The two embraced. Daniel ran his hands up and down Alex's back and buttocks, warming his pale skin. Their genitalia moved against their thighs and the feeling of Alex's penis and testicles rubbing against him aroused Daniel.


"Yes. Thanks. I suppose we had better be getting back. One of us has some cooking to do."

Alex turned to go away but Daniel clung onto his wrist and pulled him back as he attempted to walk off.

"Not so fast, you, I haven’t thanked you properly.” 

Daniel was looking his sly and beautiful best. Head slightly down, eyes looking up from deep pools of hazel. They kissed. Their mouths locked against each other. Daniel nuzzled his nose against Alex's and gave him Eskimo kisses, and then he brushed his lips across Alex's lips. He placed his hand to the edge of Alex's cheek and sucked upon his lower lip before plunging his tongue deep within his lover’s mouth. It was a taste of cinnamon. He knelt down in front of Alex and took his flaccid penis in his mouth. It didn't stir and Daniel looked up at Alex.

"I'm sorry but I am cold. I do love you though."

"I know and don't worry I'll warm you."

‘Let’s leave it for now and get the cooking done. We will need to start a fire.”

The two boys ran toward where they had been sitting. Sand flew up behind them in a haze of dust. Their flanks gleamed in the failing light as they ran with an animal grace. Their genitals flew and swung with the motion of them running. Alex arrived fractionally ahead of Daniel but as he held his arms aloft in mock celebration of winning the race, Daniel pushed him so that he tripped and stumbled leaving Daniel the winner.

“You are one cheating bastard . You know that don’t you?” laughed Alex, his stomach rising and falling with his exertions. His penis had shrunk back and nestled in his pubic hair. It looked like a furtive, timid creature, hiding from predators.

”You won’t say that when you taste the food I am about to cook so shut your mouth and help me build the fire.”

The pair of them fetched wood from the nearby woods, building it into a rough triangle with small branches that still had their leaves attached. Alex produced a box of matches from the small rucksack beside where his jeans lay. Daniel was crouched down on all fours, his buttocks raised and facing the ocean, his scrotum hung from him like the sac of a puma. He looked very cat-like. Then he stood up and stretched. Alex drew his hand up and along Daniel’s knee pit, sensually dragging his nails over his skin and up his thigh until he found his tight butt. Daniel smiled.

“Shall I go and fetch the fish?”

“Yes, please. I left them on the rods by that outcrop of rocks to your left.”

The sun had fled the day now and only the ghost of the moon was visible casting its eerie glow over everything. Alex watched as Daniel ran to where the fish hung. Daniel’s body had a sheen of moonlight that made him seem coated with sodium light. Alex wondered if a boy could glow with incandescence and if they could, would they outshine Daniel?  Somehow he didn’t think that possible

He watched Daniel as he walked back with the fish swinging as he held them aloft and away from him. Alex noticed that the soles of Daniel’s feet were white which contrasted beautifully the brown of his instep. His feet were equally as beautiful as his body, sculptured as if from teak.

Daniel returned with the fish and the boys set about gutting and preparing them. When this was completed they inserted thin poles through the fishes’ mouths and then placed them onto the fire.

“There is a bottle of wine in my rucksack.” Said Alex, “I stole it from my father’s rack . I think it is supposed to be a good one. It is white and you are meant to drink white wine with fish aren’t you?”

Daniel shrugged. “I have no idea. I don’t really care as long as it makes me tipsy.”

The dark sky covered them with a blanket of stars. The ocean moved with the hush of lovers. The smell of the fish cooking was mouth watering and so good that the pair play fought to pull their food from the flames, slapping each others’ hands as the other tried to pluck the food from the fire. At first, and without plates, it was hard to hold the cooked meat but they struggled nonetheless, giggling as the flesh fell hot from their hands onto the sand below. With greedy fingers they pulled the fish apart, feeding each other with fleshy morsels, laughing as they filled each others’ mouths, fish crumbling from their jaws, pieces sticking firmly to their chins like acne. Greed for food rather than hunger gave their consumption of the fish a frivolous air. Daniel pushed his hand full of fish into Alex’s mouth but spread his palm wide so that the fish greased itself across Alex’s face. Alex laughed as Daniel, still on all fours, crawled away cat-like. Alex gave chase, both boys on hands and knees, felines under the starlight. The chase was a vaudeville of  pent up energy, a comedy of sand, fish and surf. Daniel fell onto the sand still on all fours and Alex mounted him like a stallion mounts a mare, greasing his anus with the oils from the fish, dark skin on white, a thrusting feral, untamed force, sensual, carnal, wild; a ritual of mating as primal and corporeal as the seasons, as beautiful and natural as starlight. Their movement matched that of the sea as it rose and fell with matchless elegance, a slow, sublime motion.

After, when they lay exhausted on the cooling shore, Alex turned to the beautiful boy beside him whose erection stood semi rigid and profiled by the moon. Daniel rolled onto his stomach and then stood up.

"Open your legs my love," said Alex

Daniel stood legs apart, jaw slack and eyes glazing over as Alex ran his forefinger over the coarse ridges of Daniel's anus circling his finger around the tight hole and deftly caressing Daniel’s perineum and coccyx. whilst with his other hand he held Daniel's penis between his forefinger and thumb. Daniel’s manhood started to engorge but only slightly. Then Alex too stood up and led Daniel back, holding him all the while by his growing erection, to where the fire was still burning.

"Are you feeling warmer now?" asked Alex.

‘A little ,” replied Daniel all smiles and pent up lust.

The boys sat down next to the warmth of the fire. The night was turning cold and  Alex, still holding Daniel’s rigid penis with one hand placed his arm around his lover’s shoulders. The sound of the ocean was as a lullaby sung to infants.

The stars winked their blessing as the moon herded them close in an infinity of silent observation. Daniel’s hand started to rise and fall, up and down the length of Alex's penis. It hardened and grew firm and erect so Alex gently placed his tongue upon it at its root before dragging it slowly up in a wet lick, Daniel moaned, deep and soft and low.

“Whenever I look at the stars I see myself fading back through time and beyond, almost as if I have been watched by these heavens forever, that they somehow map my existence, and those before me, into a constant whole so that my time here, and my forebears are the same. Does that make sense?”

Daniel sat with his head thrown back as much to enjoy the lazy way that Alex’s hand was masturbating him as to observe the night sky.

"Heaven and earth and I are of the same root, the ten-thousand things and I are of one substance," said Daniel.

“Where did you get that from?”

“I think it is a Zen saying, one of those terribly wise things that puzzle everyone and seldom make sense.”

Daniel’s erection was fully hardened, his balls tight and gathered close to his penis. Alex suddenly let go of Daniel and stood up.

“Fancy coming in for another dip?” asked Alex.

Daniel, a little sulkily answered that he didn’t and pulled his knees up to his chest wrapping his arms around his legs. He watched as Alex plunged into the waters and swam on his back in a slow circular back stroke. Alex’s physique wasn’t as pronounced as Daniel’s, he had none of the muscle tone that made Daniel’s body seem so beautiful but he was still an attractive boy. Long limbed with narrow hips, tight buttocks and broad shoulders. His hands propelled him through the water like a dolphin. He did two short circuits before returning to shore where he stood whilst the sea dripped from him into tiny puddles by his feet. He shook his head in the same way a dog shakes its fur; water sprayed out in a silver of crystal night light. He walked back to Daniel, still sitting hunched, shivering with cold. He saw Daniel and spoke to him.

“Stop sulking and give me your hand.”

Daniel looked up at him and stuck out his tongue taking hold of Alex’s out-stretched hand.

“I still have a hard on that you were seeing to before deciding to go for a swim,” said Daniel

“So I see.”

They walked again but this time away from the woods and the sea to where dunes had gathered in subtle shades. The sea had quietened down to a mild shushing that lapped forlornly at the shore. The dark velvet night was changing; shards of grey were filtering through, fragments of light through a heavy curtain.

“Eventually we will have to go home; they will start to worry if we don’t.”

“I know but I want this to last forever.”

“Nothing does, though.”

Daniel stood with his erection wobbling in front of him. It was still a rigid cockstand and the sight of it made Alex laugh.

"Oh my love, we cannot have you walking along like that now can we? Whatever will the gulls think? They might fly down and try to sit on it or maybe peck it off"

 Alex again took hold of Daniel’s firm penis and lovingly fondled it.  He watched as the purple head began to thrust its way out of the protective cowl of the foreskin. Alex tenderly held Alex's scrotum in the hollow of his hand while gently squeezing it, massaging his balls and causing Daniel to growl with pleasure. He softly peeled Daniel's foreskin hood away from the penis head observing the purple head as it glistened like ripe fruit, then, holding Daniel’s shaft firmly in his fist, he put his tongue to the carved edge of the bell following its swell; following the cast of the heart-shaped head, dipping the point of his tongue into the tiny eye and then back over and around the bell again. Daniel shuddered, his penis now fully erect, his hands sat on the back of his lover’s head. Alex kept his hand gripped tight around Daniel's penis and thrust its length into his mouth. Daniel gasped and tried to push himself deeper into Alex’s mouth but Alex’s hand prevented this. With measured regularity Alex began to bob his head to and fro along Daniel's penis stopping occasionally to plant kisses on Daniel’s hip, stomach and testicles before sliding the penis back into his mouth. Alex could feel Daniel reaching his climax and pulled his hardened erection out and away from his mouth.

"You bastard, why'd you stop?"

Alex smiled. "Now that you've warmed up a bit let’s walk down the beach some more. We can head toward the southern end and that way we will still be heading for home."

They walked together with their arms wrapped around their shoulders. Alex couldn't stop laughing though as Daniel's erection stood out in front of him like the aerial on an automobile. Daniel grumbled some unheard obscenity whilst Alex laughed, prowling back and round behind him.

"Keep still and close your eyes. You promise that you will keep your eyes closed don't you?"

"Yes", said Daniel, "I promise."

Alex pushed himself up hard against Daniel and Daniel could feel Alex’s own erection pushing hard into his back. Alex wrapped one arm around Daniel's torso and with the other hand took hold of his lover’s proud penis, then, with a slow, deliberate, effortless motion Alex started to masturbate Daniel. Increasing the pace until finally Daniel climaxed, ejaculating onto the sand leaving tiny rivulets of pearl drops dripping down Daniel’s fingers.

“Do you think that there is other life out there?” asked Daniel as the pair, now collapsed onto the chill sand, again lay gazing up at the heavens.

“Must be; we cannot be all alone in such a vastness of space ,” replied Alex

“I don’t want this to end Alex; I never want it to stop.”

Alex turned and kissed Daniel on the cheek. Somewhere far off a cockerel crowed. Morning was fast approaching leaving the sky a bejewelled indigo curtain

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”Anais Nin

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X. Dell said...

I'd almost forgotten about these stories. You write them quite nicely, always did.

I don't recall reading any homoerotic stories from you. You'll have to forgive me, but I'm not so sure as to how to rate its erotic charm, for I have no point of reference:-) Be that as it may, one of the things I've always liked about these stories were the tension between the two lovers, which here seems to be heightened judging from the last of your erotic tales I've read. The pacing is almost perfect, here, as the emphasis seems here even more on the seduction, and less on the activity.

I'd give it four stars. Yeah, I'm biased. But it's still impressive.

Russell Duffy said...

X.Dell>>>To write this I had to focus on the relationship of two people rather than think of boys and girls or girls and girls. Once I got beyond the obvious I could deliver the piece more as an observation if that makes sense.

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