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Erotica 4 - The Room

They led her naked into the room, two men and two females. The room was painted white with pale purple pencil spotlights that coated the walls with coloured fingers.  In front of her was a many-cushioned bed. The cushions were piled high so that you could quite literally sink into them. The males held her hands and wrists and laid her onto the bed. The females held her ankles.

     They laid her down and then one of the men tied silken bonds around her wrists so that her arms were stretched at right angles to her body. One of the women produced a jug that contained a razor blade and a shaving brush along with a bar of soap. The other woman took the brush, mixed it with water and soap before applying the lather to her pubic area. The other woman began to shave her, slow, precise strokes that removed every vestige of hair. 

     When this was done the women began to massage her body with warm oils from bottles that were placed strategically by her head and feet. The scent of the oil was musky sweet; like warm summer rain and meadow grass; an intoxicating smell that lifted her soul. They applied the oil with deft touches and sensitive strokes starting separately at opposite ends, the males at her hands and the females at her feet.

Slow touches. Fingers circling, tracing veins, kneading flesh, a fury of fingers manipulating her senses and dictating her desires. They painted her ankles with a gloss of oil, carefully and methodically caressing each inch of her flesh. The men did the same with her neck rubbing oil into the pores of her skin with tiny circular motions. The women massaged her calves, manipulating the long muscles with powerful hands. The men continued to oil her shoulders, constantly pushing their finger tips into her skin so that it rippled. When they stopped she felt her self aroused to a point of discovery; of being open to further exploration and for seeking deeper pleasures.

Her nipples stood tall and proud, her sex was open and moist. Her skin tingled as though touched by hidden currents.

     One of the men tied a blindfold around her eyes. Darkness consumed her. Her world shrank to a series of sounds, smells and sensations. She felt their mouths caress her. Felt their lips touch her skin. Kisses fell like gentle rain onto her fingertips and her toes, tiny kisses, nibbles and sucks, rising mouths that climbed her wrists and ankles; hungry tongues that followed forbidden routes, lips that climbed her arms and legs, kisses that were planted on her armpits and thighs; mouths that pressed their warmth against her belly, against her thighs.

     She felt the men’s teeth bite into her breasts. She felt their mouths suck her swollen teats. Their tongues encouraging them to rise up, rise up and be toyed with.
She felt the females teeth bite into her inner thighs. She felt their mouths suck upon her vulva. Their tongues encouraging her sex to flower, to open and be played with.
The men’s kisses, bites and licks travelled down the course of her undulating belly giving her feelings a sudden warm flush, while the female’s tongues explored her moist labia probing her pink cleft, lapping her lips. She felt a finger push its way into her anus, another push into her vagina. Her hips rose in greeting and the men’s strong hands and arms held her down. Held her firm as the females continued their exploration.
     The two girls removed their heads from her crutch. Their tongues coated with her honey gloss. They kissed each other. Each sucking upon the other’s tongue. They held her legs apart and as they did so she heard a door open.

      An odd sound as though of finger nails tapping on the floor filled her ears. This was followed by a rattle as of a chain then she felt coarse hair against her thighs and she heard the sound of panting. Fingers caressed her sex coating it with something sticky and gelatinous. The smell of tuna reached her nostrils. She felt a long tongue lick at her delicate flesh, thick and probing it lapped at her before delving deep into her. The tongue was large, muscular and very powerful. It filled her with its undulating presence. The females held her legs apart pushing their bodies against her thighs and with their fingers they held her sex open as the tongue snaked into her again and again. The men held her head and shoulders preventing her from moving. Unbelievable sensations drowned her senses in a rush of colour. Her body shook with pleasure.

     All went silent. She could only hear the gentle sound of her own breathing and the thump of her heart as it calmed following her climax. Then the door opened again and she heard the squeak of rubber soles as someone approached her. She felt a hot, wet flannel placed on her vagina which was then used to clean her. The flannel was rung out twice and she could hear the tinkle-splash of water on each application.

     She listened as the rubber-soled shoes squeaked back the way they had come and the door shut softly behind them. Hands, the men’s she thought, as yet again the door hushed open. The sound of many feet came to her followed by a multitude, or so it felt, of cold objects placed all over her body. Suddenly, as if synchronised, a symphony of sound, a buzzing as of insects’ wings filled her ears and she felt a dozen or so vibrators move over her skin, over her face, over her feet, over her neck, across her stomach, around her thighs, over her armpits, into her anus, around her pink cleft that longed for penetration, into her mouth, across her breasts, over her calves and along her knees. The sensations were confusing and exquisite and as her wanton heart hurdled yet another flood of feeling so the door opened again as yet more vibrators fell onto her flesh. Every inch of her screamed with pleasure and then it stopped and the sound of shoes leaving the room left her silent and still on the bed she lay upon.

     She lay panting with sweat glistening on her skin. A silken glow radiated from her. She wanted more. She wanted to climax again. She needed that release. For awhile, that seemed to her an eternity, she lay in silence then hands, fingertips only, herded around her crutch fidgeting around the crack of her pussy, fiddling her clitoris as though it were a switch. The hands were like moths that flew around a flame agitating her as she tried to lift her hips to greet the fingers, anxious for them to push into her but they didn’t.  They fluttered on constantly, continually caressing her bud until she thought that her climax would burst her in two but then, just as she began to reach orgasm they stopped. She tried to call out but as she did a hand gripped her jaw and something large and soft was quickly placed into her mouth. It tasted of rubber.

    She couldn’t move her head as one the men’s hands held her firm. The door opened as yet again another set of feet could be heard entering the room. They sounded heavy as if the weight they carried was large. The other man removed her blindfold and as she blinked in the sudden glare of the room she saw, momentarily, a huge, naked man before her. The large man approached her placing the tip of his penis against her vagina. She could see that his erection was enormous, far bigger than anything she had seen before. Then the blindfold was replaced and the mystery of darkness returned.

     She could feel the penis tip at her cleft. He let it lay there pulsing against her labia and clitoris. She moaned and tried to turn her head but the males wouldn't let her. She felt a tremor of fear cross her mind at thought of something so large entering her but the penis throbbed and as it throbbed her oyster opened slightly allowing the penis tip to slide partially into her. She tried to thrust her self onto his stiffness but the females held her tight. She felt their hands prise her apart . One of the women’s fingers began to tease her clit. She moaned softly.

     The man began to slowly and very shallowly move in and out of her ensuring that only his penis tip could be felt. He did this for minutes feeling her fever grow. Hearing her gasps mount. And then he stopped with his erection pulsing inside her. He remained like that for minutes as she started to moan and plead for him to continue.

     The males held her firm but now started to squeeze and caress her breasts. The females kept their bodies against her thighs and started to tease her upper vulva. Then they lifted her hips onto what felt like a bolster. They pulled her legs far apart tying bands around her ankles and then pulling her legs around the table so that she felt as if she were riding a horse. She was unable to move and still the penis filled her.

     Suddenly the large man partially withdrew before thrusting violently into her. She groaned a mixture of surprise and hurt. Again he throbbed motionless within her then he pushed deeper into moving harder and faster as her body started to spasm. It felt as though electricity was passing through her She bit her lower lip. She felt the man’s erection fill her. Felt his maleness tug and pull at her sex, felt the borders between pain and pleasure merge into one white blinding explosion, felt his penis grind against her tender clit, felt his testicles crash against her lips, felt the earth and sun grow super hot, turn nova and explode into a burst of stars, a collision of meteors.
     Her climax crashed from her pelvis and flooded through every fibre of her being.

She screamed and convulsed and then grew silent. The occasional whimper escaped from her lips, lips that trembled with joy and confusion.

     When the blindfold was removed she saw that the room was now empty. The males had departed and only one female remained. She held out her hand and led her out of the room.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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LeeKwo said...

Whoa down boy/What a read up there with the World of Sex and Delta of Venus/You handle the medium like an old hand and with a vision that delves deep into the male psyche touching on everyday passions never banal but brought to life with a sense of libidinal urgency/Yr lack of repression and freedom to open up the hidden restrictions of mens fetishes is a fascination at the heart of all writing/Most authors I like have delved into the Erotic some heavy duty like Bataille some warm and loving like Anias Nin violent like Kathy Acker/It ends all too soon but so does the actual act of sex end all too soon/This domain of lust and passion is the natural ground of erotica/I have several attempts to write something like this but found I couldnt get past 10 pages or so without repeating myself/Yr piece is just the right length and could be [slotted]sic into any text of the life and time of 21st C man/I have tried to do the same thing with two women/It was an interesting exercise/You express as much of the female response to what is being done to her as the men enjoy doing it/A good lover knows both bodies well/ This was a great read and as well written as anything of yrs I have read/

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