Monday, 25 November 2013

The Day of the Doctor - 50th Annivesary Show

Doctor Who’s fiftieth-anniversary celebrations went pretty much as one expected – with a bit of a bang. Steven Moffat writes scripts that buzz like flies and run riot at one hundred miles an hour. John Hurt as the ‘war Doctor’ brought the gravitas one expects from such a revered actor whilst David Tennant and Matt Smith do what they are best at. Tennant being the epitome of the modern doctors with his fast quips and cheesy grin - Smith as the Labradoodle forever dashing hither and thither making odd noises but doing it with manic passion.

Billie Piper returned as Rose Tyler, or rather the Bad Wolf, the energized companion who looked into the heart of what no one should and live to tell the tale. In fact, it is only the image of Rose, It is the Bad Wolf as from the Christopher Eccleston arc. This is less Rose and more the conscience of the Doctor personified. Billie has matured as an actress. She brought the emotional tug the show needed then and still requires There were Daleks, albeit in short supply, thankfully so as far as I am concerned, and one or two cameo appearances of other villains. No Master though which is such a shame as he is far more sinister and far more dangerous that the pepper pots with grating voices.

The plot was a twisted as a psychopath's mind but not as torturous as some critics have suggested. I didn't find anything overly impossible bearing in mind the whole concept of Doctor Who is precisely that – impossible. There were even one or two rather sharp moments of Gallifreyan humor. I especially liked the bit when Doc 10 said to Doc 11 upon seeing his larger sonic screwdriver the other was wielding that he was compensating for his own inadequacies.

There was even a rather moving moment when the longest-serving Doctor, Tom Baker, made an appearance toward the end of the show. He again dwarfed all in his magnificent shadow reminding us just why he is still so popular and why his personification of the time traveler remains still so large

I think the manner in which the Time Wars was re-shaped was sheer genius. I also think the ground is now laid open for a new, darker Doctor, still as wacky, still as frenetic, but more sinister to appear. The search for Gallifrey is now on. Let’s hope it reveals some interesting plots, hopefully, better than the last fractured series that was less good than previous ones. Peter Capaldi your time is here.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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