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"Tell Me Why" 3 - Those Bastard Yank's - Goodbye Lou - Thanks

Old news I know but sometimes reflection is better than reaction.


So those naughty yanks have been caught with their eye firmly attached to a hole in the German girls shower room. They have been spying on Frau Merkel for pity's sake. Would you Adam and Eve it?
They caught the Democratic Dame with her panties off and in the nuddie - for shame.The East German quite rightly threw her hands up to cover her blushes before chucking the soap at the head of Mister Obama who ducked swiftly and then, being the gentleman he is, denied his crime as he tried to wipe the paint circle from his eye. Those dirty rotten bastards! As if we'd do such a thing.

I don't know about you but I think the smell of hypocrisy is even more pungent than that of napalm first thing in the morning. Are the Europeans trying to suggest that they have never done same? That they haven't, either currently or in the past, had their ears set against the Whitehouse wall? If we Brits present our holier than thou credentials then I would suggest closer scrutiny of the documents - they might be forgeries courtesy of the Russian Maffia. 

On another note....

Sad to hear of Lou Reed's death. Every time one of my teenage heroes dies I feel the approach of my own mortality. Funny the way the press and members of the sanitized youth, all keen to collect Rock credibility, pay false praise to a man they see as a stereotypical 'Rock and Roller'. Yes, he did the whole drug thing but Ozzy Osbourne he was not. No better, no worse, just different.
I recall the first Velvet Underground album. It was at the time dismissed by music critics. In 1967 when "The Velvet Underground and Nico" was released, the world was ooing and ahhing over "Sergeant Peppers," declaring it the best album ever produced. They were also praising Jimi Hendrix as being the most amazing of guitarists. There was Cream and Jefferson Airplane and if you wanted to go underground there was Frank Zappa. 
That first Velvet's album was a commercial flop and generally overlooked by the greater mass of the public. It was both gentle, experimental and with a stiff shot of something darker. Zappa used to satirise hippies, lampooning their flower-down-the-barrel-of-a-gun mentality. He also used to turn up to Velvet's gig's and heckle them. The Velvet's were nothing like hippies who they too disliked. They wore leather and were far more in touch with Rock's roots than their West Coast counterparts. And of course there was their mentor, Andy Warhol. That first album remains a classic.

"Had he accomplished nothing else, his work with the Velvet Underground in the late Sixties would assure him a place in anyone's rock & roll pantheon; those remarkable songs still serve as an articulate aural nightmare of men and women caught in the beauty and terror of sexual, street and drug paranoia, unwilling or unable to move. The message is that urban life is tough stuff—it will kill you; Reed, the poet of destruction, knows it but never looks away and somehow finds holiness as well as perversity in both his sinners and his quest. . . . [H]e is still one of a handful of American artists capable of the spiritual home run."  Rolling Stone 1975

Lou Reed created a number of great albums apart from helping with the first Velvet's. For me the other two that stand tall are "Transformer" and the oft forgotten (story of his career perhaps) "Songs For Drella" which was his and John Cale's tribute to Warhol.

The one thing above all others I liked about Lou Reed was his bullshit free attitude.

Lou Reed 1942 to 2013

And finally,thanks to all those who have increased my audience three fold in the last month. 
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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