Thursday, 28 November 2013

Paedophillia - Billy Childish Speaks

“Oh, I think it’s ridiculous,” he says. “I understand that it can be very traumatising for people, but this witch hunt on paedophiles is really unhealthy. When it’s Jimmy Savile, it’s a great relief to everybody because it’s something that’s happened outside of the family. And really, sexual abuse usually goes on in the family. Society is very worried about that and very keen to have the bogeyman in the alley instead. So when it kicks off, they go beserk because it’s a good opportunity to make problems for the BBC. For people like Murdoch, it’s a great revenge for what’s just happened at theNews Of The World. It’s a chance to do some bashing on the BBC."

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Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

It is usually someone the kid knows and not the boogey man in the alley. How many kids were unfortunate enough to know Jimmy Seville?

Russell Duffy said...

Far too many as far as I am concerned. The greatest injustice of all is that the man died before being punished.
Billy Childish was abused as a child. His abuse is the more typical. Savile was an abomination but only because of his voracious predatory appetites. What happened to Billy is as much a conecrn, if not greater, as that kind of abuse goes under the radar. Families do not like to 'believe that someone among them has those habits let alone 'grass' them up.

X. Dell said...

Talk about synchronicity. I just finished watching the ITT documentary on Jimmy Savile a couple of hours ago.

To answer Tempest, Surrey police opened 300 investigations in either late-2011 or 2012. That doesn't mean that all were victimized by Savile. But that doesn't mean they were all reported, either.

The real problem was that there were people in power with a position to stop him; no one ever did. And they had suspicions. They simply ignored them, and/or distanced themselves without alerting others. And those accusing him during his lifetime were either never believed, or deliberately silenced. But one prisoner at Broadmoor was put in solitary confinement for seven months when she complained about an alleged assault made against her by Savile..

I understand your concern, CJ about Murdoch and people of his ilk pointing their fingers at BBC so that the public can take its mind off of Rupert's private espionage/coercion unit. The hypocrisy doesn't surprise me. And one has to keep in mind that witchhunts have happened, both here and in the UK, so I can understand the caution that must have beset BBC at that time. Yet, the laudatory statements made about him right after his passing seemed downright inappropriate. And a lot of people should have known that his run of Broadmoor constituted a dangerous situation, not only for the inmates, but possibly for him.

Russell Duffy said...

Hi X-Dell

The thing that really bugs me is that It is all so after the event? You are absolutely right in what you say, those who praised him as he passed from this world would all have known, in some fashion or other, that this man had a reputation. So many since his death, Esther Rantzen for one, who i admire and respect, have come out to declare they suspected him of paedophillic tendencies but not one of them said anything at time. Why?
The point Billy Childish makes here, and he was abused (not by Savile) is that those who regularly abuse children are our anuts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sister, mother, fathers and family friends.
Yes, Saville should have been caught years before but the way society works, or at least worked, is to poo poo what children say thinking that they have got it wrong when in point of fact it is right.

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