Monday, 18 November 2013

Brave as David - the Art of David Bravey

"My name is David Bravey, aka Grade One. I’m a veteran diagnosed with PTSD. I served with the Welsh Guards in Northern Ireland and in London doing public duties.
Circumstances have seen me live on the streets of London for 18 months and experience stays in rehabs battling addictions.
My paintings reflect the feelings and emotions I have living with PTSD and my work has been a lifesaver to me."



The art of David Bravey aka Grade One is explosive, emotive, incendiary. Paint flies like hot sparks across a blank sky, flashes of colour violently splashing the canvas with curious swirls and shapes - flicks and flecks that spin then shift. 
The oft seen irregular circle floating sometimes centre, sometimes to one side acts like a portal through which we are invited to enter and view another's perspective; through which we may see another's world. It is the unexplained chaos that lies at the heart of the universe, at the heart of mankind but which is, paradoxically, at the heart of creation and expression. Cathartic perhaps, confounding certainly.
There is something of the great beyond here; something both dark and bright, baleful at times but beautiful. This links to all creation with its furnace fires and its expanding mass that is forever growing just as it is diminishing. Suns are nuclear furnaces shaped by random forces. Nature  is both violent and creative and reveals our own  nature. It seems to me that this is what David is asking here with his art - are we nothing but animals with intellect forever waging war or angels with failed intentions?


I think these works are staggeringly good. I have always liked expressionist art as for me it does what the name suggests. I think it is patently obvious with these works how that expression manifests itself and to what extent it portrays the emotions and feeling of the artist. 
The inner conflict, the suppressed fear, hurt and rage rally as random shapes, hectic hues seemingly disorderly but instantly understandable. David has talent and one that really should find as wide an audience as possible.

My posts are not, never have been biographies, but a few words about David will add a little fact about the man. Born in 1974. Lives in Mudeford, Dorset and served for Queen and country in the Welsh Guards in both Northern Ireland and in London. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He paints and what he paints I find fresh and exciting.

Contrary to what many think of me I have nothing but admiration and respect for those who served in the British Armed Forces. My son was a Royal Marine. What I dislike is when the defense of our nation turns to the invasion in some foreign land where our lads should not have to fight and where we have no right to be. And let's be honest here, no sane man wants war so why do we keep waging them?

David Bravey is, as his name suggests and his art proves, both bold and brave. 

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Russell Norman Murray said...

Sir Russell, I like the bright colours and colour variation with brightness and darkness.


Vanessa V Kilmer said...

His paintings are very powerful. Can't stay neutral looking at them.

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