Saturday, 5 October 2013

Vultures Quartet (My hat fits not your valentine)

These handsome fellows are the Vulture Quartet. I had the privilege to share blog space with one of the group on discharge some years ago.  They are Anthony Donovan, Will Connor, Matt Chilton and Dan Beattie. I have missed many a golden opportunity in seeing them perform live due to circumstances beyond my control. Something I hope to rectify as and when they tour again. The music is best described as live improvisation featuring acoustic and electronically generated sound. 

Not being a musical critic or journalist my ability to assess such experimental sounds is limited to the bits I have managed to hear. Terry Riley springs to mind although they are nothing like that it has to be said. One thing for sure is that they are not of the mainstream. 

I listened to them via the wonder of Youwotsit and was captivated. The problem with music recorded live is that it is rather like masturbation; not half as good as doing it when partaking with others present.

They will not be to everyone's taste but I enjoy the crackle and scratches of their fluid improvisations that seem to me to engineer blocks of noise that raise bridges between the fading echoes of sixties progressive bands like Soft Machine and the challenging promise of  the 21st century. More centrifugal than Centipede perhaps but equally as experimental.

Often when the two words 'modernism' and 'electronic' are mentioned another word, an adjective, is used to describe the sound as 'architectural.'  Vulture Quartet are less Brian Eno and more Charles Bukowski - they have serious attitude, they have muscle and if the beast they ride is a leviathan > it > is > still > flexible enough to produce reflective nuances, gentle passages that contain tension. Vultures Quartet are not representative of elevator music. They grab you were it hurts. Their aural onslaught is never pedestrian. It attacks with vigor and steel. It has bite.

They have produced four pieces thus far on the Classwar Karaoke label. All of which come highly recommended. 

Now then, where's me back stage pass Doc A?
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Russell C.J. Duffy said...

Since writing this piece, several months ago now, it appears that the group have split. I shall not be seeing them after all. Trust me to to be playing catch-up only to find the train has long since departed.

Shannon Baker said...

It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out

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