Friday, 27 September 2013

Belle and Sebastian

With thankfully little in the way of Rock swagger Belle and Sebastian continue to map their own world in a manner most beguiling. They are more chamber folk with pop sensibilities than regular pop stars but then again neither fame nor fortune are their chief aims in life even if a little more recognition wouldn't go amiss. 
Often described as producing wistful melodies that fail to chart and placed conveniently as being either indie pop, baroque pop or indeed indie rock they continue to record music many would be proud of.
The tunes are flushed with melodies. The lyrics are witty and often touching but never mawkish. Paul Simon would bite your hand off to have created these little gems. They have that kind of sparkle.
And still no one, or far too few, have even heard of them.
Blame it on Glasgow, if blame is required, for it is that Scottish city where the band members, Stuart Murdoch and Stuart David, dusted of the idea for forming a band and, along with classically trained cellist Isobel Campbell, Stevie Jackson, Richard Colburn and Chris Geddes did precisely that. 
Belle and Sebastian, ably assisted previously by Professor Alan Rankine, released the cult classic "Tiggermilk" in 1996. It remains one of my most played albums.
Since that much overlooked debut the band (Isobel left in 2002) have produced some of the most remarkable music to have come out of the nineties or any other decade come to that but still without any real commercial success. Some crimes are larger sins but I think this one ranks pretty high on my 'what rankles me' list.
Take a listen to them on Youwossname and play "The Life Pursuit." It will fill you with a warm sensation that has nothing to do with poor bladder control but every thing to do with cleverly crafted songs.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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Dolly Marionette said...

I've heard and enjoyed a few of their songs. Nice choice!

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