Friday, 23 August 2013

Felix Werbowy - Photographer

Here there is movement but also inertia. A sense of being blessed with life yet confused with the living of it. 

A casual breeze moves a curtain by a small degree. A taut telegraph wire slices the skyline with invisible, throbbing coded electrics. A single tree haunts a bloody horizon connecting the terrestrial to the celestial as though it were a totem - ground control to god. Vague summer blues lick a heatwave with the shadow falling in heavy cumulus shape. A glimpse of sky laced with the finger fronds of a neighboring tree caught through a gap in the net. A drive by neon sign brash as brass shocks the night with its vertiginous glow. Birds gather then flee in a trapped balletic spin of feathers.

There is movement. There is stillness. There is the capturing of life in freeze frame squares.There is the beauty of life and there is its co-opposite equal. Each image has a feeling of spontaneity as though the photographer has come across these landmarks, these geographical reference points and snapped them on sight. This leaves a glorious sense of the infant discovering the world first time. There is joy and there is loneliness and all within the framed eye as seen by Felix Werbowy. 

I am Dominican-born (1989)
American raised (Essex county, Massachusetts)

I don't know the answer to your question "why do you do what you do?"
I have found that I aim my camera at things that make me feel.
Often these things are fixed onto land or moving objects sometimes people.
though the feeling I get from people and the feelings I get from things, shapes and colors are quite different.
I guess I do what I do because it feels good to have everything to look at later.
I listen to music all day
this also plays into what I choose to photograph.
I like to look at things that feel the way certain songs feel.
most of all I seek out subtleties.I like to remain hidden. unexposed.

I don't like the way simple encounters with people make me feel.
so I prefer watching from afar- undetected so as not to disturb the environments I wander through. but as much as I hate how sometimes people make me feel, I love them and I love to watch them. slight movements of their bodies/their reactions.
all of this goes into it.

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He is young and this youth gives meaning to his art for it is fresh and exhilarating. For more of Felix Werbowy's work buy his book which is available here:

. . . Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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