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Book Review -The Celibate Autopsy by Lee Kwo

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This is zzz……
This is....
Lee Kwo.
This is....

Burroughs. This is Self,  this is J.G. Ballard in electric blues, Edgar Varese in cut and paste monochromes. This is fingerjelly state class steel. This collapse of conscious thought slipping effortlessly into a framed module that shimmers and shunts within its own odd rhythmic motion.

fractured coccyx.


Third in Tryptich

"Desire was an absolute and there are no longer absolutes/ Only an excess of interpretation at the limit"

This is sci-fi giving a low five. This a new dawn of a bad day, A grey wind, electric clouds scudding over. This is the frightful tomorrow.

Nils is not an anti-hero, Nils is a zero space on an acclimatised portal. He isn’t me, he isn’t us, he is the fear of

he is the terror of the un-known, of the now, the coming and the what might never be. The fear of change, of the different, of what makes us all, to some degree outsiders in a world wanting so desperately for us all to comply to given norms. Trying to make sense of words that fox and box him in. Trying to find other ways to convey feelings that are like water in a net.

"/A state of corporeal deception"

It is here, in the pages of Lee Kwo's book where reality and dream flutter fly.A dozen dreams forced from and merged with a single sentence. That is how this is. A shuttering camera lens capturing fragmented slabs of information. Flighty emotions butterflying past.

"/caught in the oblivion of estrangement"

Lee Kwo writes with a fractured perception that argues the toss of what is real and what is perceived real and what is maya.. Influenced by the likes of punk poetess Kathy Acker; fuelled by the astringent laws of William Burroughs; mentored by the musings of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, he reinvents the long tale told in cryptic shorthand. He likes to hold the many faceted diamond up to the refracted light for you to see what isn’t as much as what is.
Lee punctuates with karate chops that pair back the text into solid slabs. It is like reading the sound of a horn section blasting out sharp, brash notes - harsh and strident..

"/Why do our systems of meaning fail to define the depths of our sensations?/"

But there is also a sense of discovery and of fun and it is this, for me, this joy combined with despair and  a mischievous desire to explore and reinvent that hooks me in. 

"/sperm over my lips/desensitisation of memories"

If like me you are a novice to this style then you will encounter your own prejudice but persistence pays off. This book is part of a trilogy.  It is not an easy read but still a fascinating one. The appendix alone reads like modern art/lit. It is a long read and I think I prefer linear narratives but I still enjoyed the experience. Without a brave heart and desire to explore we would never move forward, never learn. Lee Kwo has all those attributes and then some.

  1. Homage to Collateral Damage
  2. Artaud Adjust his hat[e]
  3. The Celibate Autopsy

Lee Kwo - Eighty One Notes on The Revolution
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Faycin A Croud said...

It sounds interesting. I don't know if my poor fried brain could handle it at this point!

Russell C.J. Duffy said...

Your brain certainly could. Not sure it could handle your brain though.

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