Thursday, 6 June 2013

Aliens On Planet Earth

They are here. They arrived a long, long while ago but have remained hidden for millennia, they come not from another planet, not from some far flung star system but from right here on earth.
The possibility of alien life forms, that is life existing on other planets is, I think, distinctly  probable. As I have said before, I do not think that aliens visited here in convenient UFO's at a time when America was waging a cold war with Russia. The USA was experimenting on technology stolen from Nazi Germany in an attempt to create new, awesome even, flying machines. There is nothing extraordinary about this fact. It has been established long ago that Germany had, still has in situ, an experimental launching area built specifically for a flying saucer type vehicle. The launchpad is still there, a little neglected perhaps, for all to see.
The modern sightings of UFO's is not a subject I want to talk about. I want to talk about the possibility, which has increased, by a huge amount following recent discoveries on this planet of ours, that life must surely be out there somewhere.
For life to exist there needs to be water. That much we know. We also know that for life as we understand it to thrive, animals that is, will need to breathe.
Below the surface of the earth, and I am talking miles not inches, are animals we didn't know existed until very recently. Like many discoveries they were found by accident.
It was down in the depths of South Africa's goldmines that these lifeforms were found. Demonic almost in their minuscule detail with whip like tails and voracious appetites. This was 2011. The discovery baffled most scientists for as far as we knew up until then, life needed nourishment and oxygen to survive. These creatures defied that belief.
Then the scientists went deeper.
Miles deeper.
Like something out of Jules Verne isolated ecosystems were found. Writhing worms and beetling bugs that only a short while ago we thought couldn't possibly survive down there but patently were and had been for millennia. 
It was back in the late eighties when the USA was burying sealed containers of radioactive waste beneath its nuclear processing plants that the American Department of Energy first grew concerned that microbes, if such existed at such depths, might eat through the cannisters. 
This seeming paranoia was given credence when following a sponsored borehole survey, which dug down to a depth of 500 meters below the earth's surface, bacteria and organisms were found.
The shock reverberated around the world of science.
Since then we have gone deeper..
Life has since been found living beneath the ocean in conditions once deemed impossible. Some of these animals are thought to be 86 million years old. This is incredible, mind boggling even. Here on planet earth is life we have never encountered before.
I know it sounds like science fiction and yes, I know I an laying it on a bit thick but these dicoveries really do highlight the increasing possibility of life on other planets. Not the silly green bipeds of the sort seen on the internet but real life, real bugs, microbes and goodness knows what else.
Exploration of Mars has not yet found signs of life upon its surface. Perhaps we need to dig deeper.

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Wanda Bates said...

We at Team Netherworld certainly believe in the very high probability of life on other planets. While our writing is flights of fancy, all of us marvel at the real possibilities.
However, when Illsa found the video about Nazi UFO's, we were all in stitches.

Russell Duffy said...

The Nazi's knew a thing or two about comedy didn't they.

Aaron Held said...

Even our Earth is quite alien so much we have not seen. Which is why I believe we should study the Earth stay here and not travel into space for many reasons its not economically sound, the waste and trash left in atmosphere is very dangerous and costly, and human bodies evolved to earth a planet with gravity and habitable environment. We have yet to see people born on another moon/planet or in space because we perfectly suited and adapted for Earth. I'm a big sci-fi fan, love learning about the universe and the technology involved, and aliens/ new lifeforms but realistically we should just stay here and take care of our Earth. It is our home and the only home we know why rush to another planet when we should be protecting and learning about the one we got. Our ocean could be the frontier to vastly explore and like you said under the Earth. Great post!

Russell Duffy said...

Aaron>>>I think, in part, you are right. Any research we make of other planets,say Mars for example, the devices we send should be capable of either return voyage of should, when it corrodes, be of a maretial that causes no damage to the plant it is on.
I think before we explore other worlds we should understand ours first.

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

The question is: will they share their worlds with us once we completely destroy ours?

BlackEmpress said...

We know so little about even those things that are around us. As you said, we gotta dig deeper!

Hobbes said...

I once read a science fiction story about scientists doubting the existence of life on Earth because of its atmosphere, etc. At the end they all take a deep breath of hydrogen and go back to their lives on Saturn or Jupiter or something.

Russell C.J. Duffy said...

Hobbes>>>Hydrogen is the most plentiful substance. Hopefully they weren't fire-eaters.

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