Friday, 24 May 2013

Doctor Who

Following a split series seven which resembled a footie game of two halves and included programmes pockmarked with some quite indifferent scripts, last weeks finale was something to get excited about, not least of all this closing scene...

Oh yes. I am so excited that I have to remind myself I will soon be of pensionable age.

But still, remaining calm and with steady hand I now reflect on all the hype and speculation regarding this revelation. Another Doctor? Not a regeneration, not Matt Smith's replacement but Another Doctor? How can this be? I watched the bloody series from day one. I was nine. It was 1963. If this is the first Doctor then William Hartnell must be the second. That would bump all the subsequent Doctor Who's along by one. Matt Smith would then be number twelve not eleven and that would mean there is only one regeneration for the time travelling adventurer to go through.
That doesn't make sense to me and besides I don't think it would prove very popular to all the old Who fans.
Popular opinion, and one I share, is that this unknown Doctor (the Valeyard maybe?) sneaks in somewhere when the famed 'Time Wars' were happening. If that is the case then John Hurt sits between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston.  The clothes that John Hurt is wearing, a leather jacket and a waistcoat suggest that this might be the case. The suggestion is that John Hurt's Doctor is one who stepped across the line, who broke the code set by himself. Did he commit genocide? Did he kill off not just the Daleks (I hope so as I am fed up with their lame modern selves) but also his fellow Gallifreyeans? Who knows. (Cool pun huh?)
I think the speculation is as much fun as watching the show. Let's speculate together (if it is legal that is!)
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Anonymous said...

Maybe they tried to repossess his TARDIS. He couldn't very well let that happen!
It's sad that I'm so tired of my job (and of life, to a degree) that I start wishing I was close to pensionable age. Another 17 years and I'll be there.

Perfect Virgo said...

I have vivid memories of Cybermen and Daleks from the late 60's. I think Tom Baker was my favourite Dr. but it's such a personal thing.

Russell Duffy said...

thecheesewines>>>I think Confucius got it right when he said something along these lines.."Find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life."

Russell Duffy said...

PV>>>I totally agree. I got into the new series via my kids. It still has, as it did then, some of the cream of Brit writers scripting it but Tom was the epitome as Doctor Who.

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

Tom Baker was my fave too. I'm not a rabid fan. I pop in and out but I'd like to see William Hurt.

Flash 55 - and the green grass grew all around

Satire And Theology said...

As far British Isles related, I have been watching 'Vikings' and 'Game of Thrones'.

Hope you and family are well, Sir Russell.

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