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Beyond Fekenham - 'Shade Land' - Simian Simpering - The Wilful Walks -Short Stories and more

‘Shade Land’ was a chapbook I recently published on Kindle. It was a first attempt at publishing my efforts at poetry in one single volume. I am not a natural poet, at least I don’t think I am even though I have scribbled the odd line, often more song than poem, and posted them over the years.

‘Shade Land’ featured what I call ‘Minima B.’ The phrase is my invention and refers to my love of Japanese poet Basho and American artist Don Van Vliet who, by another name, was Captain Beefheart; the two ‘B’s coalescing into one mixed with the Nipponese gents minimal style gave my fancy creation its name.

‘Shade Land’ was split into two sections; the first being the aforementioned ‘Minima B’ and the second a small set of prose poetry that was of a personal nature. The following is taken from the latter. 

For the want of trying they simply gave up. Each of them held fast to their bitter memories nurturing them as though they were the seeds of some delicious fruit being grown rather than a bilious loathing eating at their hearts like a cancer.
At the root of this odium was a hurt so huge it required an even bigger emotion to deflect the pain. It was hate that now gave fuel to their lives; it was hate that gave them purpose.
The shattered shards of their history lay in pieces on the stony ground reflecting sunlight and revealing the stains of their recrimination. It was as wanton an act as a war in the third world.

This is all a bit too serious for me though. I am happiest when scribbling away at what I call (another self made term coming up here) 'Postcard Absurdist.' Fekenham being a primary example. There are now six books finished in that ongoing bawdy, absurd, romantic adventure. Six done with another two plotted. A spin off from that comes in the form of Simian Simpering.

Who the hell is he you may well ask?

He is the detective who first made an appearance in Fekenham book three - 'Ghosts of the Past.' He seemed to be a sandwich short of a picnic and, following his next outing in 'The Sordid Tale of the Enema Bandit of Winchester,' where we are introduced to Hilary Leatherbarrow, he leaves the police force, moves to the Isle of Wight then goes into business as a 'surrealist investigator.'

It is his first book of short stories I am currently working on. 'Simian Simpering Private Detective and Surrealist Investigator (Dredging Silkworms and Ten Reversible Faces) The stories are not only unlikely, not just damn silly, they are as absurd as..well, George W. Bush. I love them but not George.

I now have a priority list of things to do. It is one that continues to grow and fitting real work around it proves a constant distraction.

1. Finish Simian Simpering short stories (42,000 + words thus far)
2. Start 'Teapots and Tourniquets' book five of Fekenham. (Of the six so far written two are slight detours and are named differently. i.e. 'The Enema Bandit' is 'book three and a half' and 'Hand In Glove' is 'book four and a bit' - daft I know but so is the author!)
3. Complete the Craggy Ponce short story.
4. Complete the Agatha Christie meets P.G. Wodehouse in heaven short story (Then what?)
5. Finish writing the plot for 'War Plan Red.' Find someone to write story from my plot? A shared project?
6. Continue writing 'Travelling Light'
7. Work on amends and revisions to 'The Wilful Walks - ESSEX. (The rough sketches can be found on this here blog site)
8. Continue writing 'Serpent, Snake, Worm.'

Far too much perhaps but it keeps me out of mischief.

This from Alan Moore...

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Vanessa V Kilmer said...

Great video from Alan Moore.

Boy, that's some todo list you've got. Get busy, mister.

I liked your poem.

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