Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Thief of Rage - Of Fundamentalists

Judging by the way fundamentalists forever find the need to act on behalf of God then God is patently not as powerful as we have been led to believe. If he is as they claim all wise, all knowing, able to wipe out major cities, turn people into blocks of salt, send famine, flood and fever onto those he judges guilty why would he need the likes of the Taliban to do his work for him? Is he unwell? A little out of sorts? Unable to get into the spirit of things and do his own dirty work or could it possibly be that those who claim to follow him have effectively usurped him? Effectively emasculated their deity by acting on his behalf without His consent.
It isn’t just the Taliban though who take up the sword on Gods behalf without His say so, there are fundamentalists in America and Europe who have suggested we exterminate those not of their persuasion. I may be missing the point here, I often do, but aren’t Christians and Muslims brothers? Do they not share the same God? The one who proffers peace and love and understanding?
Obviously not.

Why not let God carry out his own judgements? Surely God doesn't need anyone making his mind-up for Him let alone acting as judge, jury and executioner.

When you finally stop running in whatever race you are racing in you will realise the only race worth running in is the human race. When this realisation finally dawns on you then you might accept the gift of life and not take it arbitrarily as you simply do not have that right.
When you do perhaps we can all live in peace.


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