Saturday, 1 December 2012

Doriandra Serena Smith

I am not certain when Doriandra Serena Smith was born. Sometime during the middle part of the twentieth century, I would guess – late sixties maybe. Some might say she wasn’t born at all but came fully formed with shears held tightly in her creative hand snipping at thin air. That's just silly though isn't it?
I know this much:  she is American, she lives near the Mojave Desert and that a friend of hers knew and met Don (Captain Beefheart) Vliet. I know she is talented as I have seen the evidence. She is an artist. She writes some mean prose and was once a member of Avant Garde band EXP. Now she creates some simply incredible garments. What more can I say? There is this of course from the lady herself:

"ok, born on an indian reservation on a stormy night in madras oregon. mom and dad traveled over a hour there to get me delivered in an old british topless antique roadster with my mom wearing a plastic bag to keep dry because it was the only hospital that would allow my dad to be there at the birth- all the others dumb american hospitals claimed he was a pervert for wanting to be in the delivery room.
i was raised in a cult until running away at 16. hopped on a van to new orleans and did acid in the grand canyon in the snow wearing a leopard bikini and met some serious ghosts one night at Four Corners where the states all connect.
Got involved with serious protesting about nuclear and environmental issues until getting pregnant- lived in a bus in a field of flowers, had the best time raising my son..
EXP raised it's crazed head and I was off on that tangent for many years until Rozz hung himself- a rather sobering event.
Now i live alone in the woods with three weird animals, try to wear bright colors and listen to happy music but still obsess over anomalies and dark events in history... I have become the exotic cocktail queen inventing curious concoctions which I rarely drink but like to inflict on others and study how rapidly inebriation comes on.... "
And these her creations (the garments not the people)...


 And the Lady in question plus male companion...

This is where you can see more:

aNOtHEr sNIp iN tHE flAwEd fAbriC OF rEaLItY.
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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