Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Next Doctor Who?

Anyone who watches or follows the iconic British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who will be aware of the constant speculation as to who the next Doctor will be. This has been the case since William Hartnell first morphed into Patrick Troughton back in 1966. Nowadays, with the show reaching a massive global audience, that interest has grown proportionately.
With Matt Smith about to enter his fourth season in the role following a rather disappointing short series, rumours abound as to who will take over the famed time travelling Galifreyan’s part. Some have even suggested a female Doctor. Not sure how that would fit as we now have the Doctor’s wife, River Song, as played by Alex Kingston, to consider. and of course a new female companion.
However, with that fact firmly in mind and with some wicked gossip suggesting Tilda Swinton (the actress who played the White Witch in Narnia) my thoughts are these: the current Doctor, Matt Smith, goes through his regeneration process but as he does images of his childhood, specifically those of his mother, play on his mind.  When the process is complete and now viewed from outside the TARDIS, which shudders and quakes in a very menacing manner, door opens emitting wreaths of billowing smoke.  From this white shroud an androgynous figure steps out looking very alien and slightly scary. The figures hair is white, long on top, shaven at the sides, the features chiselled but refined giving the impression of something otherworldly. The figure, dressed in the same clothes as worn by the previous incarnation, places their hands upon their chest then emits a groan. “Oh dear, something’s gone wrong.” Turning back into the TARDIS, whilst being observed by the Doctors companion, the figure then re-emerges dressed in a fedora, a 1920’ style pin-striped suit and wearing black and white brogues.
The new Doctor, possibly for one series only, would still be hetrosexual but in a woman's body.  Think of the fun had when River Song returns to find her husband’s current state of being, or of the Doctor's female companion when she discovers the Doctor's appearance.
The scripts would need to reflect a subtle humour. The obvious 'lesbian' references would be a tasteless and unnecessary trap to fall into. Audiences are sophisticated enough these days, intelligent too, and will be able to insert their own sub-text. Personally, I would set the stories much in the manner of a tribute to Virginia Woolf’s Orlando but without the sex scenes. Any references to sexuality would be those of confusion and embarrassment. The Doctor has assumed, temporarily, a female form and the persona of his mother. It is a passing phase. Keep it clean. Mix it up a bit but maintain that family fun type show. I think it would work. At the end of the series the regeneration mishap rights itself and the twelfth Doctor proper emerges.

Should the BBC executive need any more advice then simply give me a call. (You know the number.)
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Budd said...

it may also be time for a ginger doctor. or maybe Sam Palladio if they are still wanting a young hip doctor type.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Yeah, I guess you may be right. young and hip will appeal to a young adudience.

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